More than 100 million plastic straws, mugs, and cutlery items are cut by NHS England each year, reducing plastic consumption for one-off use in canteens.

The Disposable Plastics Reduction Plan is part of a healthcare initiative to reduce waste and help the environment.

This not only affects patients' staff and canteens, but also the catering service, but also to local retailers, such as: Boots, WH Smith and Marks and Spencers.

Major local retailers have committed to free straws and stirrers from the NHS as of April 2020. Cutlery, plates and cups will expire in 2021.

The data shows that last year alone, the NHS bought 163 million plastic cups, 16 million plastic cutlery, 15 million straws and two million plastic stirrers.

NHS England said that if the service can restrict the use of plastic in the hospitality industry, this could reduce the number of items used by 100 million.

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NHS England CEO Simon Stevens said: "It is right that the NHS and our suppliers join the national campaign to turn the tide against plastic waste.

"This is good for our environment, for patients and for taxpayers who fund our NHS."

Other parts of the NHS are already dealing with the use of disposable plastics.

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The Yorkshire Ambulance Service is currently saving four tonnes of plastic waste each year following a campaign to remove it from the canteen.

The Trust replaced plastic milk bottles with glass, plastic cutlery with wood, and plastic cans with cans.

The Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has removed more than half a million disposable plastics from its canteens, including more than 400,000 plastic cutlery and cups.