"So, in fact, the surprise you showed in your interview on Panorama, I can not reconcile the papers we have here," she told Dr. Paul Lelliott, deputy chief inspector of CQC.

HHowever, Dr. Lelliott said the 2015 report contained "conflicting statements" about patients' views about care, which is why it was not published.

Ms. Harman said, "I have to tell you this quite frankly, Dr. Lelliott. It looks like there was a diligent inspection in 2015, it seems that they discovered what we saw then our horror of Panorama on our TVs, it seems that CQC did not publish this 2015 report it has been deleted. There was an argument about it and a loud complaint from the chief inspector, and then …. And then a new team was sent and they produced a report that was a whitewash and that said Whorlton Hall was good. "

"I do not accept that this is an accurate description of what happened," said Dr. Lelliot.

CQC initiated an independent review of the draft report, as well as a broader regulatory review of Whorlton Hall.

"The second study I commissioned will review our entire regulatory history from 2015 to 2019, with the specific purpose of examining how our regulatory method actually works," said Trenholm.