Nick Knowles was one of the most relaxed players this year I'm a celebrity … get me out of here!but it turns out that he suffered from a bad injury the whole time.

The DIY SOS Host talked about spin-off show I am a celebrity: Extra Camp last night (7th December) when he revealed that he had pain in his shoulder.

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He said, "Seven days before I came in here, I actually damaged my neck and shoulders very badly – the program was great – I went to Harley Street, I had a big MRI and they found two whirls in my The neck and I had torn two sinews on my shoulder.

Nick Knowles on I'm A Celebrity: Extra Camp, Dec. 7


"Bob, the camp doctor, took care of me, had cortisone injections before I went in there, and while I was there, I talked to Bob every day and he said the only thing you can really do is grab that's why I did the whole exercise.

"The other reason why I sat in the pool was because it was freezing," he added. "You said I could take an ice pack, but I do not want anyone at home to know I had an injury.

"The thing in the end was, I just did not do it in the last two days."

I am a Nick Knowles of a celebrity, eliminated


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Later in the show, Nick added that "doing things" in the camp kept him off his shoulder injury.

"I do not want anyone to get the idea that I've taken care of everyone," he continued. "Everyone was looking for me."

Hollyoaks star Malique Thompson-Dwyer also revealed that he had been injured in the camp. Later, the show said it was "a superficial burn".

"He was advised and treated by our medical team in the camp after he left the jungle, and the diagnosis of a superficial burn was confirmed by an independent doctor," added an ITV spokesperson.

I'm a celebrity … get me out of here! Today at 8:10 (8th December) ITV continues I am a celebrity: Extra Camp then continue on ITV2.

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