Nicola Sturgeon announced that she would slow down the IndyRef2 after proclaiming independence as a "long-term" alternative to Brexit.

In comments likely to divide the move Yes, Prime Minister insisted that she still needed more clarity on relations between the UK and the EU before committing again to vote on the future of Scotland.

The question of whether and when to call a second referendum on independence has been the subject of heated debate between Scottish nationalists in recent weeks.

Sturgeon first asked for another vote two years ago, but changed in view of SNP losses in the next general election.

Many SNP personalities want Nicola Sturgeon to hear with IndyRef2

But other personalities of the SNP fear that the party will miss the opportunity offered by the Brexit if it does not seize it quickly.

Addressing STV on Wednesday night, Sturgeon said she was not in a hurry for a second vote immediately.

"Brexit is not a decision on my part, neither of the SNP nor of the Scottish Government, but we must try to find a way to do it," she said.

"Of course, Scotland has a long-term alternative that is becoming more attractive, I think, for more people every day.

"But there must be an attempt to find a better way through."

Insisting on the timing of a referendum on independence, she said: "We do not know if the UK will leave the EU on March 29 with an agreement. Without agreement or without leaving money, we have in a more sensitive territory.

"I want Scotland to be independent."

"I think the precise moment for Scotland to have the choice in another referendum, as I have always said now, is to wait, if it is a perfect clarity. because I'm not sure we'll get that, but more clarity than we currently have an idea of ​​the direction that the UK will take in a few weeks. "

Thousands of protesters march for the independence of Scotland in May 2018.

Sturgeon spoke after chairing a meeting of the Scottish Government on emergency planning without agreement with Brexit.

Asked about these measures during the Peston issue at ITV, she said: "I have chaired a meeting of the Scottish Government's Resilience Committee, which is more accustomed to dealing with the weather or the ## 147 ## 39, the impact of terrorist attacks.

"We focused today on how we manage the implications of the non-agreement and, frankly, you know that the discussion is deeply depressing and very frustrating, because it is not inevitable and we should not participate in it. .

"You know that sitting in peacetime in a prosperous country is frankly incredible to talk about the possibility of a shortage of food and a shortage of drugs."

She added that the Scottish Government would conduct public awareness campaigns on a Brexit without agreement in the coming weeks.

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