Nikkie Tutorials came out as a transgender

Nikkie Tutorials came out as a transgender

transgender nikkie tutorial

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Beauty YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials emerged as a transgender in a video on his YouTube channel.

The 25-year-old revealed she was forced to make the public announcement after being horribly blackmailed and was “regaining her power” by posting a video that shared her story.

“The planet earth is full of labels and I never felt comfortable with labels. I wanted to be my person, my identity, my human being, without rules, without labels and without restrictions.” she explained.

“I wanted to start the free year by finally revealing a part of my life that made me who I am. I can’t believe I say it today, to all of you, so that the whole world can see it, but damn it, it’s nice to be able to do it finally. It’s time to let go and finally be free.

“When I was younger I was born in the wrong body, which means I’m transgender.”

Explaining that she had always planned to share her personal story, but did not want to label herself or be seen as different. “The number one thing on my channel is my love of makeup. Nothing else changes.”

In an emotional segment, Nikkie revealed that while her mother was pregnant, she had been so convinced that she had a girlfriend that she never asked to check on her baby’s sex during her scans.

“She was convinced she was going to have a girlfriend and it came out of me. It was a surprise for my mom and a surprise for me as soon as I had the brain to think about.”

While her mother had the girl she always wanted, Nikkie explained the journey she continued to get to that point, with her mother firmly by her side.

“Since I was born, I always thought I was a girl and I couldn’t understand why I had short hair and why I had to wear pants and a shirt and why I couldn’t wear clothes.

“I played with dolls and nail polish. My mom immediately understood that I would become gay or a different kind of story.

With her supportive mom by her side, Nikkie began her transition at just 6 years old.

“At the age of six I grew my hair, the people in my school knew it and I think that at the age of seven / eight I was wearing only girl clothes completely and the teachers supported me a lot.

Despite having supportive teachers and school parents, Nikkie described how difficult (and still is) it was to constantly share such a private matter with the people around her.

“I have always lived my youth as a girl and the most difficult part of living your youth when you are not officially a girl yet, is that you have to tell people in your life who you really are, even if you feel trapped.

“Meet new people, get close to them and tell them a side of your life that you don’t even want to talk about because you hate that part of your life, you don’t want it to be part of your life, you don’t want to be known for that single part of your life . But you have to do it and it’s so difficult. “

After taking hormones and taking growth plugs at 14 years old, Nikkie completely switched to the age of 19 while publishing YouTube videos.

Nikkie also shared the reaction of her boyfriend, Dylan, to whom she got engaged in August 2019.

“In my love life, it’s scary to trust someone enough to truly be you. So I wait to tell my whole story until I know I’m in good hands because the people out there are scary and dangerous.

“So Dylan and I clicked and he didn’t know it, now he knows about my past, but I would like you to tell him before. Everything seemed so magical, so beautiful that I was afraid of losing it if I had told my full story, and at the moment to which I told him my whole story, he was obviously shocked, but it is a private matter that we are dealing with and that I am so proud of that we are able to face “.

In the end, speaking directly to his blackmailers, Nikki made a powerful statement.

“I was blackmailed by people who wanted to share my story with the press. At first it was frightening, frightening to know that there are people out there who are so evil that they cannot respect someone’s true identity. It is cowardly and disgusting.

“They said they wanted to lose because I’m lying, or that I don’t want to tell my truth or because I’m too scared for people to know who they really are.

“I am not afraid. Today is the day when I am free and I will finally become myself. Please know that this does not change anything about me. My love for make-up has always been real, I have always been real.”

We have more respect for Nikkie than we ever thought possible and we are so proud of her for sharing her story with all of us.

Watch the full video below:

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