Mixer streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins raged over bots and their position in Fortnite Chapter 2, prompting Epic Games to remove them from their beloved Battle Royale.

In Fortnite Chapter 2 bots were introduced to fill the lobbies with the maximum number of players and to help newer, less experienced players learn the basics of the game against some easy-to-kill opponents.

However, there have been mixed reactions from competition and streaming communities. Many consider bots unnecessary and allow players to earn a few extra kills per game for no apparent reason or reward.

Epic Games

Bots have been criticized for being too simple.

Blevins has often been a proponent of Epic Games' actions, though they have made some less popular decisions. He even criticized Tfue for being too critical of Fortnite and encouraging him to play other games.

While living on November 8, the Mixer star was disappointed by bots and struck them with unbelievable rage.

Ninja plays with the longtime duo Reverse2K and is in Salty Springs in the midst of numerous shootings. He tries to separate his enemies to make them more manageable, and beats them before changing his position.

A bot comes towards him, diverting him from the real opponent he's been fighting against, which eliminates him. "Get the bots out of the game!" He shouts. "Look at this idiot! I turn around and see him first and I cracked him for 12, it's like I killed the guy! "

Timestamp: 0:28

"What is he doing?!" Ninja exclaims. Then he makes a bizarre impression of the bots, throws his arms around and makes zombie-like sounds.

"Really, that could have been one of the most annoying bot experiences I've ever done!" He concludes. "We're alright, I've never been overpowered by a bot in this game and it looked like they were teaming up! Basically, he did 20 damage to his homie … get the bots out of our game, we're Professional players, I do not need to fill in my stats! "

Epic Games

MECHs were also introduced to simplify the game for new players.

Ninja's opinion is shared by many pros, but Epic has been known to make far-reaching changes in the past to simplify play for beginners.

This was the main reason why MECHs stayed in the game throughout Season 10, although they were mostly negative.

It is unlikely that bots will be completely removed from Fortnite Chapter 2, but there is a possibility that spawn rates may be adjusted, especially for higher skill games in which Ninja will play.