Earlier this week, Fortnite Developer and publisher Epic Games has jailed Jarvis Kaye, professional eSports player & # 39; FaZe Clan & # 39 ;, for life after being cheated on a number of online videos. In a YouTube upload, Kaye said he ignored Epic's zero-tolerance policy when using cheat software and just wanted to create entertaining videos.

Tyler Blevins – known as Ninja, the world's most popular Fortnite streamer – has now shared his thoughts on the ban and explains how he believes content creators who cheat should be treated "a bit differently" than normal gamers. because they deserve a life.

There is a difference between a creator of content with millions of subscribers, hundreds of thousands of followers who are literally denied money and a kid who has absolutely no followers who have no money for games and hacks. You forbid the child, nothing happens to him. Nothing happens. "Oh no, he can not cheat anymore." They ban Jarvis … It's different. The stakes are different, it should be handled a bit differently.

You forbid one, you ruin his life. They ban the other, he makes another account and continues to cheat. It is different. It has to be handled differently.

Later in the stream, Ninja said the ban "should be 100 percent", but explains how the punishment of developers can easily backfire:

But even without the creator of content, this has a negative effect on your game.

He also mentioned how the punishment of cheating youngsters should be different, as is the case in the legal system.

Should professionals and streamer be treated differently? Say your thoughts below.