IMG Nintendo Switch Parental Control

Gambling addiction in video games has recently become a major concern of health authorities worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced in June 2018 its own plans to recognize gambling as a mental illness. People who suffer from it have given video games more importance than other daily activities and routines, which has a negative impact on their lives.

As this has become a global issue for experts, organizations and governments, gaming companies are now being asked about the addictive behavior of video games. Nintendo's latest Q & A on financial briefing asked the company's president, Shuntaro Furukawa, about the measures Nintendo was considering to address this issue:

"I think the gambling addiction problem is more about relying too much on video games than on having problems with the games themselves. One thing we, as a game-developing company, have done is implement features that do not Parents can limit the time their children can play games. I think that further implementation of features like this and raising people's awareness of the presence of these features is one way to address this issue. "

One of the features that Furukawa refers to is probably the "Parental Control" smartphone application. This allows parents to monitor the game, track game sessions, set daily limits, and limit game play. If you've never heard of Switch parental controls, check out the trailer below:

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