No calm after the storm

Officialism and opposition distribute blame and sticks. Altolaguirre even reappeared.

Far from the saying that ensures that calm happens to the storm, the Municipality of Santa Rosa is still agitated these days after the rain and hail on Sunday.

When Neighbors continue to suffer the effects of the situation and the lack of infrastructurePolitical leaders of the ruling party and the opposition crossed paths, accusing each other.

The bid is such that even the former mayor Leandro Altolaguirre reappeared, to denounce the current administration of Luciano di Nápoli and lobbying so that they pay the consulting firm that promised the much-mentioned Master Plan during the macrismo.

The lack of works is not denied by anyone: there are neighborhoods and people that are flooded by the lack of official foresight and unfulfilled promises. But each political sector throws the ball to the other.

Peronism in the government campaigned with the consequences of the 2017 flood: At one point, technicians appeared who publicly evaluated projects and undertakings, which are already expensive and need national financing.

In the year he has been in the communal government, the municipality chose other priorities, also more accessible with provincial funds.

The passivity of the previous administration did not prevent the former communal chief Leandro Altolaguirre from going out to give his version of events. The ex-macrista mayor added some advice and accusations: he found space in the pages of El Diario de La Pampa, where he said that the Master Plan has been completed “for 13 months, but” they do not pay the consultant. They are distracted and a year has passed ”, he reproached.

Altolaguirre had promised that his administration would finish that plan and would commission some works. The national government left him alone. Now he accused the Province of having “boycotted” that project.

The provincial deputy Marcos Cuelle, who was an official councilor in the last administration, tried to put cold cloths on the accusation and asked that “we all pull the same car”. Although he confirmed that the projects for the drainage of Santa Cruz, Duval and Catamarca streets are ready.

“Without pettiness, putting people on top of the car, but mainly those who have been suffering for a long time the lack of these fundamental works, we have to girdle side by side so that these works are finally carried out. Above all, because if we do It is about the lack of infrastructure in the city that is not exhausted in these two projects, nor in a period of government, “he added.

The official councilor Mariano Rodríguez Vega could not resist the reappearance of Altolaguirre and the current councilor he advises, Pablo Pera Ibarguren, who also held a similar speech, accusing the current administration of the problems caused by the floods.

Rodríguez Vega told them that they are “opportunists”. “At this complex moment, from politics you have to take responsibility and that is what I ask the opposition: to put aside the political opportunism that they show, thinking more about the legislative elections this year than about the people,” he said in his networks social.

“Today they go out to demand ‘more management’, precisely something that they lacked when they were municipal government. They did not know how to address the problems of the city for four years, the claims of the neighbors. And that is why the people gave them his back in the elections in 2019, “he recalled.

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