No DLCs, microtransactions, seasons etc.

In the case of Star Wars: Squadrons, in contrast to many other games, Electronic Arts has (so far) dispensed with content updates, regular seasons, DLCs or microtransactions. EA Motive’s Creative Director Ian Frazier said in an interview that they wanted to make an “uncomplicated game” with an old-fashioned design, with no live service approach at all.

Ian Frazier via PC Gamer and UploadVR: “Never say never, but as far as our philosophy goes, we’re not trying to see the game as a live service. We don’t want to say, ‘It’s almost done!’ and then dribble out more and more content over time, which, to be honest, most games do these days, so we tried to develop the game with a kind of old school approach, which is called it : “You paid $ 40 and that’s the game. It’s complete and self-contained.” We have no plans to add any more content. This is the game and we hope that the value proposition can be understood. ”

Update 1.1 has only recently been released. In addition to bug fixes, including incorrect rankings or misplaced texts from development work, the game has also been given new control options. From now on the “Controller Global Deadzone” and the “Flight Stick Global Deadzone” can be set separately. In addition, the general stability is said to have been improved. A complete overview of the changes to the game can be found in the official patch notes that you here finds.

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