“No driver has won the championship in the past without a great car.”

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Lewis Hamilton he’s not having a comfortable end to the season. The Brit got in Turkey one of the most beautiful and complicated victories of his career demonstrating the great talent and great potential that his hands treasure. However, many continue to criticize him and continue to devalue his feats and achievements.

The Brit is especially burned out and pissed off at those who question his leadership and don’t give him the recognition he thinks he deserves. For Hamilton, having added seven world Formula 1 it is such an important fact that nothing should be questioned about it. However, this is not the case.

There are many voices in the ‘Great Circus’, most of them very authoritative, which affirm that the key to the English triumph is not in their hands, but in the superiority of the team’s car Mercedes over the rest of the grid, something that deeply pissed Hamilton off. So much so that he has not even hesitated to point out his partner Bottas and its performance to show that a good car is not enough.

Hamilton at the Turkish GP

Twitter (@MercedesAMGF1)

English has spoken in the specialized medium The Race to give his opinion about this situation and what these criticisms mean to him. In addition, he assures that winning having a good car is not something that only he has done, but that all the Formula 1 champions have done. Hamilton considers that within his greatness is the merit to drive such a dominating car .

“Of course, you have to have a good team and, of course, you have to have a great car. No driver has won the championship in the past without him,” said the English driver, who was proclaimed world champion in Turkey. 1 for the seventh time, thus equaling the mythical record of Michael sSchumacher.

Hamilton continued giving an explanation that for him is key, not only in Formula 1, but in any motor discipline. The reality is that whatever the test, the car plays a fundamental role: “Everything goes back to the same, even in karting: you have to have the right equipment. Of course, you have to have it and that is something that will always be there. in this sport”.

Victory in Turkey

However, for Hamilton, the victory in Turkey meant something completely different, since it showed how, in a race that had been enormously complicated for him and where the Mercedes were not the fastest car, he knew how to bide his time and still take the win. In addition, it was the finishing touch to his seventh wound.

Hamilton in the paddock of the Turkish GP

Hamilton in the paddock of the Turkish GP

Twitter (@MercedesAMGF1)

“But it’s also what you do with the car that really counts, and I hope you can see that – about it. Turkish GP-. I want more difficult conditions like these – the more opportunities like this, the more I can show what I can do. “

What surprises Hamilton the most is that he can receive criticism from his own colleagues. The Englishman assures that he deserves respect and that with performances like that of the Istanbul Park proves his worth: “They will know how difficult it is – races like Turkey – and that it is not a car thing.”

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