“No, I do not regret having signed for Arsenal”

Although it does not count for Mikel
Arteta and that also has a foot and a half outside the club, Happy
Özil He has assured that he does not regret having signed for him Arsernal. “There have been many ups and downs so far, but overall I have never regretted my decision to join Arsenal,” he said during a question and answer session with fans on Twitter.

The 32-year-old German of Turkish origin has a contract until June and earns about 370,000 euros per week. Rumors say that he is going to leave in the summer and the Fenerbahce Turkish. “To be honest, the last games before the coronavirus outbreak, in February and March 2020, were really a lot of fun but after the break things unfortunately changed,” says the former Real Madrid player, who is now looking ahead: “The Fenerbahce it’s like Real Madrid in Spain. The largest club in the country. If I went to Turkey, I could only go there. “

What is clear is that the player’s situation is not comfortable for anyone after several disagreements caused in large part by the fact that the club did not register him this season in either the Premier League or the Europa League.

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