No official who was secretly vaccinated against Covid will remain in office: government of Peru

EFE.- Peru faces, between indignation and disappointment, the scandal of thesecret vaccination against Covid-19, better known as “get vaccinated“, Of officials and figures in charge of leading the fight against the pandemic and who now, most likely, will have to deal with political and judicial sanctions.

While for analysts and jurists the country faces “a devastating message” from its ruling class, the transitional government of the president of Peru, Francisco Sagasti, recognizes the hard blow, but insists that “all those who daily carry out their duties with integrity” must be put forward.

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“We cannot let the behavior, the attitude, of a few public officials cloud the work of service to the country that we carry out,” said the Prime Minister on Tuesday, Violeta Bermúdez, before noting that more than 1,400 million people work “hard” for the State “in a special context” in the face of the pandemic “and a set of crisis situations.”

Responsibilities and faults

The responsibilities and guilt of the scandal, quickly dubbed the “get vaccinated“Will begin to be defined after the list of 487 people what received Sinopharm Chinese laboratory vaccines, what were they exclusively for staff conducting clinical trials in the country since the end of last year.

Although it is true that among the beneficiaries there were a large number of doctors and scientists linked to the trials, there were also officials from the last two governments, including the former president Martin Vizcarra, relatives of these, consultants and “guests”.

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Despite Vizcarra is harshly criticized, and even the Congress Peruvian announces that it will raise its political disqualification, the Sagasti regime was also affected after it was learned that among those vaccinated were the now former Minister of Health, Pilar Mazzetti, and the former chancellor Elizabeth astete.

While Astete was in charge of negotiating the purchase of vaccines, Bunches was in charge of directing the fight against the pandemic and even went so far as to affirm a week ago that she was going to be “the last” to be vaccinated, even though she had already received the doses last January.

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Faced with this revelation, the current Government affirmed that no secretly vaccinated official will remain in office, but had an unprecedented gesture towards Mazzetti, by withdrawing the gratitude he had given him for his “services rendered to the Nation” when he resigned last Friday, after Congress summoned her to explain the vaccination of Vizcarra.

The action of Congress and the Prosecutor’s Office

For its part, the Legislature began its investigation this Tuesday with the invitation to the doctor who directed the trials of Sinopharm in the country, German Malaga, who defended the investigation protocols, although he assured that Vizcarra received the vaccines directly and did not participate in the trials, as the former president assures.

Groups of legislators have argued that Vizcarra, Mazzetti and Astete are subject to impeachment and are disqualified from exercising any public function for ten years.

The prosecution opened, for its part, a preliminary investigation for the alleged commission of crimes against the public administration, concussion and incompatible negotiation or use of the position, since these officials held positions with decision-making power.

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A devastating message

Beyond the legal consequences that this case may bring for those involved, the lawyer and political analyst, Eduardo DargentHe assured Efe that in political terms “the message” he leaves for Peruvians is devastating.

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Vizcarra, who made the fight against corruption the banner of his regime, was considered by many citizens as a politician with a “longer term” vision than others and now, Dargent considered, they have met a person “of a level of smallness and indescribable infamy ”.

“That does not make the other (politicians) good, I think that is something some people want to say: we are all the same, or we were the good ones,” said the analyst.

However, the impact of knowing that politicians, officials and scientists “also had very poor moral standards” cannot be ignored and now they have offered “justifications so poor, so sad, so loaded with privileges” that “it is really regrettable”. He said.

Trust with China

In the midst of this scenario of internal crisis, and faced with some questions about the process of purchasing Sinopharm vaccines, the Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Allan Wagner, he emphasized that he will take “personal letters on the matter” to seek “to maintain the climate of trust” in relations with China.

Wagner assured that Sinopharm “is a very important supplier of vaccines” for Peru, which has already received 1 million doses of the chinese pharmacist, with which the members of the health personnel are being vaccinated, and “it is expected that before the end of the month that contract will be already defined” to acquire the other 24 million.

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Beyond that, the Peruvian Chancellor admitted that the discovery of the vaccination in secret “affects the soul of the country” and damages the “credibility of its institutions”, even more so in “the very complicated circumstances” faced by the pandemic, that has already left more than 1,200,000 infected and 43,800 deaths in the country.

For Wagner, an experienced and prestigious diplomat who has left his winter quarters to assume, at the age of 79, the leadership of Peruvian diplomacy for the third time, the authorities now have to “react” and show a “absolute transparency and accountability“.

Finally, he considered that, in this way, it will be possible to “reestablish trust and move forward” with citizens, something that “will only be achieved through the truth.”

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