No other manufacturer of clamps can hold a candle to Lego

Not everyone takes the joy of Lego Christmas shopping from Corona. Nico Glag comes out of the shop beaming: “I have to let all the impressions take effect first,” he says. The 52-year-old has been collecting terminal blocks for decades. He prefers Lego – only if he is particularly interested in a topic from other manufacturers does he shop elsewhere every now and then. Eri Tidden also leaves the shop satisfied. Actually she just wanted to look, but found the first Christmas presents straight away. The 46-year-old only buys Lego building blocks. The reason: “The children just prefer to play with Lego,” she says. And Peter Schwer also justifies his decision to buy the terminal blocks regularly from the market leader Lego: “Once Lego, always Lego”.

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