“Nobody told me that my husband’s killer was in my hometown”

Former Commissioner for Victims, Baroness Newlove, told the BBC that she felt “physically ill” when she learned that one of her husband’s killers had been allowed to wander the streets of her hometown without her being been told by the police.

Baroness Newlove’s husband, Garry, was assassinated by a gang of teenagers in 2007.

One of the men, held in an open prison, was allowed to work and visit his family in Warrington unattended on the weekends.

The Board of Parole said in a note: “In 2017 the Board recommended Jordan Cunliffe to be eligible to switch to open conditions.

“It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice to accept the recommendation or not and manage its time in open conditions.”

He said his upcoming decision on his eligibility for release “will be taken with great care and with public safety as the number one priority.”

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