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The Care Quality Commission found the NHS Foundation Trust in Norfolk and Suffolk inadequate

England, the worst trust for mental health, has appointed a new president who will continue to work for another health trust.

Marie Gabriel CBE joined the foundation of the NHS Foundation of Norfolk and Suffolk (NSFT), which was deemed inadequate for the third time in November.

Ms. Gabriel is President of the East NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT), which is considered exceptional by the inspectors.

Last year, health inspectors said NSFT had "failed" some patients.

The East London Trust has established links with NSFT, which has been providing mental health and learning disorders services throughout Norfolk and Suffolk, since its introduction of special measures for the second time in 2017.

Ms. Gabriel is President of ELFT since October 2012 and has over 20 years of experience in positions of responsibility in local government and the tertiary sector.

"It is a great honor to join NSFT as Chair and to strengthen the support provided by ELFT," she said.

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Marie Gabriel CBE named new president of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Antek Lejk, Managing Director of NSFT, said, "We will work closely with Mary and learn from ELFT's best practices as we continue to transform our trust to ensure we deliver safe and effective care. for all, in Norfolk and Suffolk ".

Last year, inspectors from the Quality Inspection of Care (CQC) revealed a list of East Anglia's trust issues: patients had been trying to spend their lives waiting for their patients. care, the acute care rooms were not safe and the trust was seriously lacking.

Only mental health services for adolescents and children were rated as "exceptional".

NSFT is the only mental health trust in the country to have been included in special measures, a first step taken in February 2015.