My, how time flows, or flashes by, when you're having fun.

Norfolk native Grant Gustin assumed the identity of The Flash at prime time television four years ago. He's ready to show some new moves in the network's annual crossover event that starts Sunday.

The action starts at 8 p.m. Sunday on his show, then moves to "Arrow" on Monday night at 8, and finishes on "Supergirl" at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Comedy superhero is being added: Batwoman, played by Australian actress Ruby Rose.

Green Arrow, played by Stephen Amell, has become The Flash in Central City ,

How, and why? The CW will not forgive me if I divulge the plot here and now.

"It's very strange, but fun for sure to switch suits," Gustin said in a phone interview last week from Vancouver, where "The Flash" is filmed. He trades his bright red suit for the mask, hoodie, and arrow that define the Green Arrow.

"The Green Arrow suit is warm and comfy – moreso than the suit I wear as The Flash," said Gustin. "Having a quiver full of arrows on my back took some getting used to."

That's nothing compared to the Norfolk kid with the hurray. "It's something I dreamed about back when I was at the Governor's School for the Arts," Gustin said.

It happened fairly quickly, too. He dropped out of Elon University in 2010, his sophomore year, to join the touring company of "West Side Story." He auditioned for the part of Sebastian Smythe on the TV musical "Glee" and played the recurring role in 2011-13. When that ended, he found himself starring as "The Flash" starting on Oct. 7, 2014.

He has been working on making "Arrow," and what's so impressive in the role that the network executives developed a pilot for "The Flash." Costume designer Colleen Atwood created a suit for the speedy superhero and Gustin was on his way. The premiere of "The Flash" was the second-most-watched series premiere in the history of the CW.

Gustin's fresh good looks, natural charm and his character's willingness to take on all that the villains as Professor Zoom, Killer Frost, Cobalt Blue and Grod the Gorilla throw him. They like his Gary Cooper child of charm and, apparently, his opening monologue.

My name is Barry Allen, I'm fast man alive I'm just an ordinary forensic scientist But my world is more dangerous than ever. I'm the only one. "I at The Flash."

Does Gustin, 28, have any say about what goes into the scripts?

It's kind of fun to read the scripts when they're fresh to see what kind of child they are surprises the writers have in store for me. "

Some of those surprises include: electrical surges, giant wormholes, weather witches, particle accelerators, parallel universes, meta-humans, a laser-cooling array, human lightning rods and time travel. The Flash's daughter, Nora-West Allen, is visiting him from 30 years in the future.

"I try to make the material real that they give me," Gustin said. In case you forgot, Gustin's character was bathed in radiation during a thunderstorm, after which he slipped into a coma and eventually emerged as a man with superhuman speed.

Andrea La Thoma, a physical therapist from Sunnydale, Calif.

"We have a date for the wedding, but I'm not ready to divorce it yet," Gustin said. "I was back home in Norfolk long ago where my family has been a little pre-wedding party, it has been awesome, and since then my family is super excited and happy for me."

And this weekend, it's back to the world of the meta-human for our guy Grant.

Larry Bonko,