It was a dry start to Saturday, with bright, sunny intervals and light winds and temperatures of up to 12 ° C. Further spells of sunshine are due this afternoon, reaching highs of 15 ° C.

Light showers are expected this afternoon, with thick clouds later this evening.

Persistent and occasional heavy spells of rain are expected in the early hours of Sunday, October 13 with a minimum temperature of 7 ° C.

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Sunday will also be a wet morning full of heavy rain, but the day will be drier with bright spells. The temperature will reach highs of 13 ° C.

So, what's the Met Office outlook for early next week?

Forecasters are predicting a dry start to Monday, October 14, but heavy showers and strong winds are expected later in the day.

Heavy rain is expected across Northumberland this weekend. Picture: Pixabay.