Not a step back from Johnson

Nobody knows if it will be possible to reach a trade agreement with the United Kingdom. The only thing that seems certain is that Johnson does not want to negotiate from clarity and honesty and that all possible obstacles appear day by day.

It is absolutely necessary that in the European Union no cracks appear in this final stretch. Boris Johnson, if there were cracks, would take advantage to force the situation much more causing problems that nobody knows what they could cause, what effects it would have on the economy. The firmness that has been shown from the EU is essential for the disaster to be less. We must not lose sight of the little loyalty of Johnson that breaches until what has already been signed. The Withdrawal Agreement that was reached is already useless. Do not lose sight of the fact that Johnson has warned the UK population to prepare for an abrupt exit from Europe.

The threats that come from Johnson’s office are numerous although they turn out to be bravado very typical of a populist politician who owes his electorate. If that continues, everything will remain an anecdote, but before politicians like Boris Johnson you have to be alert and firm. Johnson has problems in his country to maintain an acceptable popularity index and if Trump does not manage to renew his presidency, the scenario will be hostile for him and he could become a wounded beast. Be careful therefore.

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is deadly in every way. Failing to stand firm in the face of Johnson’s crude and menacing policy could be, too.


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