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The weather with you, Raquel, tell us. Thanks Charly, good morning. Indeed, as you mentioned, five mayors of Mexico City, with the yellow alert, due to that dawn that in some points registers six degrees in the center of the city, the temperature is eight degrees. And it is that we continue under the effects of that cold front that, since yesterday, we talked about it, is powerful, it is cold front number twenty-six that is located towards the Gulf of Mexico, already reaching the Yucatan peninsula, generating gusts of wind towards precisely the port of Veracruz, including the isthmus of Tehuantepec. We are going to review the north of the Mexican where today Tijuana will reach 22 degrees, Mexicali with partial clouds, sunny Hermosillo, La Paz and Los Cabos continue to maintain temperatures of twenty-two degrees, the decreases marked on the thermometers continue, for you who are in the city of Monterrey with twelve degrees, Saltillo will only reach eight, Victoria city, with sixteen, the sky is very cloudy for Tampico, Durango, also cool, Culiacán higher, the temperature of twenty-seven degrees, gusts of wind for Juárez, and for Chihuahua, where today they will be registering eleven degrees, the highest temperature of the day. In Querétaro, today will be a mild day with twenty-four degrees, there will be periods of sun and clouds, Pachuca cooler, like Tlaxcala, Puebla reaching twenty degrees here in Mexico City, we will be registering twenty-one, twenty-two degrees, approximately, with something cloudiness, Toluca seventeen, Acapulco, twenty-nine, and in the west, in Zacatecas, there will be mostly cloudy skies, León with twenty-three, Morelia also continues to be cloudy, as does the city of Guadalajara, where they will reach twenty-five, Colima is hottest with thirty-one, and in Aguascalientes you wait on a dry day, twenty-two degrees. The south of the country, the instability, the drops in the thermometers, the wind, and even the rains, due to that cold front. The port of Veracruz today reaches twenty-one, only for you, it is actually a cool temperature. Windy Oaxaca with twenty-five, Cuernavaca, twenty-five degrees too. It is going to rain in Villahermosa, a lot of wind in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Tapachula hotter, thirty-three degrees, Mérida, Campeche, Cancun, Cozumel, and Chetumal, today totally affected by that cold front, so there will be showers, the temperature in Mérida, It will only be twenty-four degrees for you, this is cool, Campeche twenty-six with rainy weather, in Cancun, Cozumel, and Chetumal in addition to being windy, it will have cloudiness, rain, with a temperature that will be reaching twenty-six degrees, we continue. Thank you Raquel, thank you very much Raquel Méndez.

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