Obama says that Trump “has done a lot of damage in the United States and in the rest of the world”

“What these elections have shown is that American society is deeply divided,” said former US governor Barack Obama in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El País about the publication of his presidential memoirs this week.

Obama maintained that “some of those divisions were already present before the arrival of Donald Trump, and will remain there when he leaves.”

But what is clear is that Trump has fanned the fires of division. I know that Joe Biden, instinctively and by character, will seek to reconnect the country because he is a unifier, “he said.

The former president also questioned the work of his successor and assured that “There is no doubt that Trump has done a lot of damage in the United States and in the rest of the world”.

“If science is ignored, if data is ignored, then the pandemic will get worse. If a tolerance for racist behavior is encouraged or shown, then those harboring those impulses will be more motivated to display them. If dictators are received with open arms, then the commitment to democracy will be diminished, ”warned the former president.

Barack Obama also acknowledged that he has felt frustration at times during the last four years. “Partly because my first term began in 2008, when the United States was beginning to suffer the effects of a global financial crisis. Then there was the Iraq war, which divided American society and isolated many of our allies. For eight years, we worked very hard to regain America’s position in the world and to rebuild the economy. “

“When my second term ended, the country was in a strong position. And then you see how all that progress dissipates without any need for it. Yes, sometimes it is very frustrating, no doubt”, He expressed.

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