Barcelona, ​​Jan 12 (EFE) .- Two women, one of them transsexual, who live in an apartment in the Horta neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​suffered an attack last night by four other people, who, according to the victims, are their neighbors, that they were beaten for reasons of “transodio”.

A patrol of the Urban Guard went to the building where the attack originated and raised a report of what happened, while the victims went to the hospital and have the medical reports with which they will go tomorrow to file a complaint with the police.

According to the victims, it was not the first time that the attackers had expressed their rejection of the transsexual condition of one of the attacked women.

The Observatory against Homophobia of Catalonia (OCH), which provides psychological and legal support to those attacked, has reported that it is the third LGTBIphobic aggression registered so far this year in Catalonia, the first in 2021 that affects a transsexual.

Last year, a total of 189 complaints of LGTBI aggressions were registered in Catalonia, of which 26 had a trans person as a victim, 13.9% of the total, with an increase in attacks on transsexual people of 25% with respect to the previous year.

The victim, who has posted on twitter a photo with her face bleeding from the nose, explained that “they have beaten her” and that she has gone to the hospital to be cured and have the medical reports with which tomorrow she will file the corresponding complaint before the police.

“The worst of all is that they have not been strangers, they have been our own neighbors, specifically four,” the victim wrote on Twitter.

Upon having knowledge of what happened, the Councilor for Citizen Rights and Participation of the Barcelona City Council, Marc Serra, has activated the protocol of LGTBIphobic attacks of the municipal Office for Non-Discrimination.

“We reject aggression. We activate protocol. All legal and psychosocial support so that the attacked person can report. We are not going to give a corner of this city to hate #StopTransOdio ”, the councilor wrote on social networks.

The president of the Trans Platform Federation and European spokesperson for RESPETTRANS, Mar Cambrolle, has also denounced this “new aggression by transodium” on social media.

“This is bloody! How far will the escalation of hatred towards trans people take us? From PlataformaTrans we demand urgent measures to put a brake on it and protect us. Our lives matter too ”, asked Cambrolle.

“We trans people are experiencing an unprecedented attack, never seen before in a democracy. As a society it is urgent to stop hatred, if we look the other way, before we know it it will have flooded us and there will be no place to look without feeling ashamed, “added the president of the Trans platform.

For his part, the president of the Observatory against Homophobia of Catalonia, Eugeni Rodríguez, explained to Efe that this new aggression “deepens the increase in aggressions against trans people and all LGTBI people.”

Rodríguez has expressed his concern that many of these aggressions originate in the neighborhood, probably due to the pandemic that makes people more at home.

“We are concerned because the home is the most vulnerable area of ​​people because you have to continue living where your aggressors are,” Rodríguez stressed.

The president of the OCH has announced that “the observatory will request a written commitment from all the candidates that are presented in the Catalan regional elections to take measures to eradicate all discrimination and lgtyphobic attacks.” EFE



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