In 2019, the name Obsidian was inextricably linked to the studio's new action RPG The Outer Worlds. Many of us have drawn the inevitable comparison to the studio's early work on Fallout: New Vegas. On Friday, Obsidian studio designer Josh Sawyer answered a question to Tumblr regarding a return to the studio's other RPG series.

"Will there be a Pillar 3?" asks a user in Sawyer's profile. The answer is complicated, but the short version is that Sawyer and probably Obsidian just do not know it yet. Obsidians Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire was "relatively low on sales," according to Sawyer, despite being one of the leading players in reviving the popularity of classic RPGs alongside studios such as Larian and ZA / UM.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

(Credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

Sawyer gives some possible explanations that we can imagine and that have already been discussed in-depth internally. "Is it because the first game satisfied existing needs and the audience just was not interested in the second one? Is it because the awareness of the sequel was lower? Is it because of the strong reviews and the strong sales were not satisfied for the first game. " did not really like it? "