To shorten the time your herbs and vegetables spend picking, Ocado invests a good deal of money in sustainable vertical farms.

Part of this money was spent on the purchase of a 58 percent stake in Jones Food, a company that uses commercial hydroponics to grow products in a controlled environment on stacked trays – hence vertical farming.

The Jones Food Scunthorpe Farm uses renewable energy, recycles all the water and does not use pesticides.

"We believe that our current investments in vertical agriculture will enable us to address fundamental consumer concerns about freshness and sustainability, and to build on new technologies that will revolutionize customer access to fresh produce," said Tim Steiner. CEO of Ocado.

"Our hope is ultimately to locate vertical farms in or next to ours [distribution centres] and Ocado Zoom Micro Fulfillment Centers, so we can offer the freshest, most sustainable products that can be delivered to a customer's kitchen within an hour of collection, "he added.

Ocado invested the remainder of the 17 million pounds in Priva, a privately-owned Dutch company specializing in air conditioning, and a vertical US farm business.

Ocado recently announced that its contract with Waitrose is coming to an end and announced that it will supply M & S food from September 2020. [BBC]

Picture credits: Jones Farm