Ocasio-Cortez delivers 3.2 million to victims of the storm in Texas

Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) made this Saturday a call for national solidarity from Houston (Texas) where she arrived to deliver $ 3.2 million raised by her legislative team for the victims of the winter storm.

“A disaster like this should be viewed as a matter of national emergency, considering that not everyone is equally impacted,” Ocasio Cortez said at a press conference from the Houston Food Bank headquarters.

Ocasio-Cortez arrived as a guest of Senator Sylvia García (TX-29), also a Democrat, to participate in various food distribution events to the victims of the winter storm that left several million without electricity and drinking water.

“The tragedy that affects the inhabitants of Texas is not temporary, it is not a few days. In many cases it means an economic, social and mental delay that will last for several years ”, he pointed out.

The president of the country, Joe Biden, declared today a “major disaster” in Texas, one of the states hardest hit by the storm that has caused at least 59 deaths, and ordered to allocate federal assistance to support state and local efforts to recover the affected areas.

AOC, as the congresswoman of Latino origin is also known, indicated that the 3.2 million raised until Friday night will be distributed among several non-profit organizations throughout the state.


He also urged immigrants who fear applying for social assistance to approach the food banks in their respective communities without fear of being asked for identification.

“Documented or undocumented, you can get assistance and help here,” Ocasio-Cortez remarked in Spanish.

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For her part, Senator García highlighted the current importance that Ocasio-Cortez has for the future of the Democratic Party and praised her popularity and effort to raise a significant sum of money in such a short time.

“In the first four hours it had already exceeded one million dollars and 24 hours later it already reached two million,” said García.

The senator also indicated that there is already an action plan on the part of the Democratic caucus for Congress to approve an emergency package that will serve “the complete recovery” of the state.

He also said that he will support the state Democratic caucus to carry out an investigation of what happened to the electricity system and analyze options so that massive and continuous blackouts “do not happen again.”


Sheila Jackson Lee, also a Democratic congresswoman from Texas, called the state’s Republican political class negligent for failing to prevent the collapse of the power grid system.

“Those who are suffering the most from this catastrophe are those with low resources, those who have the least. It is unnecessary for them to be suffering, ”said Jackson Lee, whose neighborhoods within his constituency, like Garcia’s, had no power for several days.

Ocasio-Cortez was praised this week on social media for that charitable response to the victims of Texas at the same time that she criticized and called for the resignation of Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for having traveled with his family on vacation to Mexico in a important moment.

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“If Senator Cruz had resigned from office last January after having promoted a violent insurrection in which there were fatalities, his vacations would have been in peace,” Ocasio-Cortez stressed on the social network twitter this Wednesday.

Cruz moved to Cancun while millions of families in the state remained without electricity, tens of thousands without water due to the winter storm and several million had received instructions from local agencies to boil it for consumption, since the plants for its processing did not have been running in the last few days due to lack of electricity.

The controversy forced the Republican senator to advance his return to Houston one day after his trip to Mexico.

Water and electricity supply cuts in homes, hospitals and businesses in Texas have caused millions of people to have to evacuate and travel to the homes of neighbors, friends or relatives.

The storm has made it impossible for freight transporters to move food to supermarkets in the area that have experienced a shortage of basic food.

As of Friday, more than 1,220 municipal drinking water systems that provide service to 14.6 million residents had reported some type of interruption in their services.

Of the 254 counties in Texas, 161 had issued orders for drinking water to be boiled prior to consumption.


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