October 17: Florencia Kirchner celebrated Loyalty Day with an image of Eva Duarte

Loyalty Day: Florencia Kirchner shared an image of Eva Duarte

Florence Kirchner joined the celebrations for the Loyalty day and shared on his Instagram account a photo of Eva Duarte. “There is no lukewarmness that I seek,” said the vice president’s daughter in the released image, which she accompanied with a text in which she analyzed the concept of “freethinker.”

“Many years ago, I began to hear a definition that abounds, that of” freethinker. “Those who normally used it were people who did not align themselves with any movement, party, etc. I asked why that had the logical meaning of being free, being a a person who had their own decisions. Why those of us who believed in politics and felt identified under any flag were not considered free and thinking people “, questioned Florencia Kirchner from her social network.

And, along the same lines, he continued: “Why freedom always ended up associated with nothing, or to be alone. And why, also, if the use of my logic and my reason led me to a collective movement, socially I could not be considered free or thinking. It hurt. Why from their freedom they annulled mine? “

Throughout the text the daughter of the vice president pointed out against those who judge her way of conceiving politics. “To those who go around paternalizing our so patriarchal thought-action, we also answer that we still hope that, from that much used freedom in their language, some day social and political transformations will also be born (read rights),” the young woman shot.

And in this regard, he concluded: “Questioning the historically imposed terms is also freedom. Also always so necessary to remember that our history is not the European one. Happy loyalty day! I found this photo of Evita and that face told me: there is no warmth for me to look for “.

For her part, Cristina Kirchner chose to commemorate the date that Juan Domingo Perón spoke to a crowd from the balcony of the Casa Rosada 75 years ago, with a photo of former president Néstor Kirchner. “That loyalty to convictions, to the people and to the country remain unchanged in times of pandemic. With the same passion and love as always,” said the vice president from the social network Twitter this Saturday morning.

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