Oculus Quest (2): Virtual Desktop improves WiFi streaming

The popular VR app Virtual Desktop is getting a major update. It reduces latency in VR streaming, brings a photo-realistic VR environment, and streaming support for a number of popular VR games.

With Virtual Desktop, you can stream your PC surface and VR games wirelessly from your computer to the Oculus Quest.

According to developer Guy Godin, the latest update 1.18 reduces the latency in VR game streaming by a whopping 10 milliseconds. The displayed value now also includes the timewarp latency (explanation of terms), so the number is higher than usual. The perceived latency should still be lower than before.

In previous versions it was a bit cumbersome to see the correct latency. The update brings a switchable window that shows the performance and latency in real time under the VR glasses. The option can be found in the streaming tab.

With the new performance overlay you always have your streaming performance in view. | Image: Guy Godin

Star Wars: Squadrons is now streaming

Also new is a photo-realistic VR environment that simulates a modern high-rise apartment at three different times of the day. According to Godin, a lot of work has gone into the area: The lively city background shows Chicago and was filmed in the spring during the pandemic.

Last but not least, the update brings streaming compatibility for a number of popular VR games, including Stormland (test), The Climb, the Steam version of Star Wars: Squadrons (test), Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Rez Infinite and Bigscreen (Steam -Version).

You can find the full patch notes at Reddit.

Oculus Quest 2 recently started supporting 90 Hertz display in VR apps and Virtual Desktop is one of the apps that run at 90 Hertz. This means that you can stream VR games wirelessly with a 90 Hertz frame rate into the VR glasses. I explain how this works step by step in my guide to wirelessly streaming PC VR games.

Cover picture: Guy Godin

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