‘ODIO’ by Dani Rovira and 10 other essential monologues that you can watch on demand

The malagueño Dani Rovira just got back on stage with HATE, the second comedy special produced by Netflix in Spain after its pioneering experience with Joaquin Reyes in 2017. The reflection of the protagonist of 8 Basque surnames about the “offended”, his battle with cancer or his impossible comparison with Hugh Jackman are some of the most memorable moments in a highly anticipated routine that has reminded us how good it is to laugh out loud in these dark times.

Next, we review some of the best and most vindicable comedy specials of recent years that you can find on platforms such as HBO The Netflix.

Carrie Fisher en Blessed Alcoholismo (HBO)

Carrie Fisher in ‘Blessed Alcoholism’.


The unforgettable princess read of Star Wars she took to the stage between 2008 and 2009 with a scathing look at the key episodes of her life, which she faces without regard. His multiple addiction problems. The battle with mental illness (he was one of the first stars to speak openly about his personal demons). His particular childhood in Hollywood and how it radically changed the day his father Eddie Fisher) was unfaithful to his mother (Debbie Reynolds) neither more nor less than with Elizabeth Taylor are some of the star themes of the special. Anything goes. The writer and actress jokes like a submachine gun while looking back at the past and reliving, without falling into self-pity, her extraordinary existence. Blessed alcoholism it works better in its literary version than in its stage version, but it is more than enjoyable as a tribute to a symbol of pop culture that we lost too soon. Carrie Fisher was royalty, in and out of the galaxy. (Daniel Mantilla)

Ellen DeGeneres and Relatable (Netflix)

Ellen DeGeneres and 'Relatable'.

Ellen DeGeneres and ‘Relatable’.


Before starring in a public relations crisis that was about to end the talk show most popular on television, Ellen DeGeneres He recovered his facet as a stand-up artist fifteen years after his last special on HBO. After a millionaire agreement with Netflix, the actress and presenter returned to comedy with Relatable (“identifiable” in Spanish), a routine in which Ellen played with her image of a close person (for years she was seen as the most sympathetic person in the world). show business) and, deep down, similar to its millions of viewers. Not to be, but the jokes about her butler, unexpected side effects and a mammogram remind us why the comedian went so far before making the jump to talk shows. (Daniel Mantilla)

Dave Chappelle in Equanimity Y The Bird Revelation (Netflix)

Dave Chappelle en 'Bird Revelation'.

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Dave Chappelle en ‘Bird Revelation’.


In 2017 the king of African-American comedy, Dave Chappelle, was back after resolutely exile from the spotlight when he was at the top of show business and retiring to an Ohio town for 12 years. He was returning from Netflix with a multi-million dollar $ 60 million contract for 3 comedy specials. In Equanimity, the first of the agreement, the comedian so sarcastic and incisive as always guts, routine after routine, American society, sticking their knives in the haters and Trump’s America. In a second, The Bird Revelation, plus leisurely and thoughtful, Chapelle points from his chair and cigar in hand, to racism, sexual harassment in Hollywood, and a string of hot topics, including his long retirement from show business.

Hannah Gadsby en Nanette (Netflix)

Hannah Gadsby en 'Nanette'.

Hannah Gadsby en ‘Nanette’.


The Australian comedian (known outside her country only for her participation in the series Please Like Me) is the author of the humorous special that has given the most talk in recent years. Nanette came to Netflix but it became automatically a cultural phenomenon from which it was impossible to escape. Willingly or involuntarily, Gadsby started a conversation about the limits of the stand up as a medium from a revolutionary routine in which he speaks, among other issues, of the separation between the artist and the work and of his own experiences with sexual abuse and mental illness. The comedian won the Emmy in 2019 for the best script of a variety special for this monologue. Its continuation (Douglas, also available on Netflix) is also recommended despite the loss of the surprise effect. (Daniel Mantilla)

Trevor Noah en Son of Patricia (Netflix)

Trevor Noah in 'Son of Patricia'.

Trevor Noah in ‘Son of Patricia’.


Jon Stewart surprised the industry when he chose his international correspondent to take over the reins of the revered The Daily Show in 2015. The South African comedian has proven to be up to the challenge ever since, making room for recording specials for Netflix and write one of the best memoirs of the last decade in the entertainment industry (Forbidden to be born, Blackie Books). In Patricia’s son, Noah shines when he talks about trap music, America’s complicated history with race, his passion for tacos (eating, not badmouthing) or the experience of being called “n * gger” on the street. If you like his sense of humor, his book is a must. Lupita Nyong’o He has already bought the rights to play his mother in the movies. (Daniel Mantilla)

Joaquín Reyes in One and no more (Netflix)

Joaquin Reyes in 'Una y no más'.

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Joaquin Reyes in ‘Una y no más’.


The name of Joaquin Reyes It is written with capital letters in the history of comedy in Spain. With One and no more, became the first Spanish comedian to have a special on Netflix, one of the platforms that invests the most in the genre. And in One and no more says goodbye to most of its greatest hits, as if it were a rocker, retiring the material and encapsulating his legacy that he has given so many joys (to us), for posterity. (Francis Arrabal)

Dani Rovira in HATE (Netflix)

Dani Rovira in 'HATE'.

Dani Rovira in ‘HATE’.


After several years filming in Spain with his comedy special HATE and after overcoming cancer, Dani Rovira premieres this comedy special shot in the middle of the pandemic from his native Malaga. The “offended”, the tension in society and the bile in social networks are the targets that Rovira aims at in a tremendously personal monologue, where he also exorcises his suffering with cancer, what we are suffering with the global pandemic, veganism, the relationship with dogs and his “alter ego bien“Who can never be overcome, Hugh Jackman (a tremendously hilarious routine). Funny as well as emotional, Dani Rovira weighs the real problems of society and he achieves everything he proposes, crowning himself as one of the great comedians on the national scene. (Francis Arrabal)

Adam Sandler and 100% Fresh (Netflix)

Adam Sandler and '100% Fresh'.

Adam Sandler and ‘100% Fresh’.


Twenty two years after What the Hell Happened to Me? On HBO, Adam Sandler was back in 2018 to record a comedy special for a platform, and he did it with one of the best (if not the best) of the year. With a strong musical component (guitar in hand), the Brooklyn comedian distills jokes non-stop showing that, beyond making VERY bad movies with which he makes A LOT of money, he is one of the best comedians of his generation. The song in the final act dedicated to his close friend the actor Chris Farley who died in 97, is one of the most special, emotional and human moments that have been seen a special, elevating it to the category of essential jewel. (Francis Arrabal)

Amy Schumer en Live at the Apollo (HBO)

Amy Schumer en 'Live at the Apollo'.

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Amy Schumer en ‘Live at the Apollo’.


It doesn’t matter if you’re in the group of groupies Amy Schumer (the writer is guilty of this crime) or you find it overrated and old-fashioned. The creator and protagonist of the essential series of skits Inside Amy Schumer it entered the world of comedy like a hurricane. Live at the Apollo it was released on HBO in its professional prime. In this special directed by a legend of humor like Chris Rock, Schumer laughs at herself and at the image that she has created as a comedian. His vision of women’s underwear, the insane demands of his fitness trainer as he got in shape to shoot the comedy And suddenly you, and his encounter with Kate Upton they are some of the best pearls. Not suitable for those allergic to vulgar language and jokes. (Daniel Mantilla)

Jenny Slate and Stage Fright (Netflix)

Jenny Slate en 'Stage Fright'.

Jenny Slate en ‘Stage Fright’.


Stage fright is a rare travel companion for someone who is professionally into humor and acting. Jenny Slate (hilarious in a recurring character like Mona-Lisa, Jean-Ralphio’s insufferable sister in Parks & Recreation) opens his heart in an eccentric and charming monologue in which he explains who he is and why he has become that person. To reinforce that idea, Stage Fright includes numerous documentary inserts in which we see Slate at his home and with his family. It is an original and very intimate approach for a new voice of humor that, hopefully, should return to platforms soon. Not everything the comedian does works, but when she does – her joke about the moon, the haunted family home – it’s irresistible. (Daniel Mantilla)

Ramy Youssef en Feelings (HBO)

Ramy Youssef en 'Feelings'.

Ramy Youssef en ‘Feelings’.


Framework (Starzplay) has shown that Ramy Youssef has one of the most personal and subtle voices in today’s humor. In his foray into the stand up The American-Egyptian comedian talks about universal and gender-specific themes (sex, dating, bad parents) with a scathing and very precise look. Feelings it is more interesting and original when it addresses concrete and very personal emotions (shame and guilt) with the distinctive point of view that already appeared in its essential series. His constant use of the word “like” and his hilarious decision to turn “fuck” into a noun, verb, and adjective can make Ramy Youssef look like another millennial – he’s not. (Daniel Mantilla)


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