Of romance! Emma Watson was caught with her boyfriend on the streets of London

UNITED KINGDOM.- Recently, Emma watson was captured in the company of his boyfriend. For this reason, the fact has caused a lot of stir on the internet, since they have been seen together as few times. This with reference to Leo Alexander Robinton, partner of the British actress, decided to delete their social networks to stay away from curious glances, but this time they were seen walking.

In this sense, it is not a novelty that Emma watson seek a romance that would allow her to be removed from the media spotlight. But the happy couple was spotted walking the streets of London, England, while enjoying a hot drink. Likewise, their walk was to Pilmrose Hill Park, and before the intruding eye of a paparazzi, neither of them tried to hide.

Emma Watson and Leo Alexander Robinton wore masks constantly and only took them off to sip their drinks. In this context, let us remember that it was in October 2019 when the French-born actress and the entrepreneur were photographed kissing to the surprise of the public. Therefore, everything seems to indicate that their romance is going from strength to strength.

Source: LVT Media LondonThe Grosby Group

Both were very happy, content and sharing gestures of complicity. In addition, they chatted and took advantage of short spaces to have their hot drinks. Of course, Emma was in keeping with the London chill in gloves, a gray wool hat, a navy blue coat and high-heeled boots. For his part, Leo was also shown in a brown coat and a light gray sweater.

Leo Alexander Robinton is 30 years old. He was born in Los Angeles, California and owns a small business. He has a twin who is known as “Archer”; a brother over 35, Charlie; and two sisters: Lily, 36; and Daisy, 33. Finally, the Daily Mail reported that Emma Watson had already introduced the young man to his family in an exclusive London restaurant in December 2019.

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