Offensive recital of El Pastor Cheese to crush Clarinos

Cheeses El Pastor played the best game of the season on an atypical league Thursday after the competition halted. The Zamoranas offered a very high level both in defense and attack against one of the teams that has offered the best performance in the first stage of the championship, Clarinos Tenerife. There were doubts if the islanders would arrive with casualties, after two convulsive weeks at the extra-sports level, but finally the visiting squad showed up in the capital of the Duero with all their arsenal.

From the first minute there was a Quesos El Pastor involved in the clash, very intense in defense, alternating the zonal defense, with individual ones, and leaving many Clarinos players unpublished who until their arrival in Zamora were giving a scoring recital. In addition, in attack, those of Fran García were having a very inspired afternoon, damaging the paint, but also constantly threatening from the perimeter with a very high percentage of success.

The 15-11 of the first set was followed by a second set of 30-28. In the first quarter they played to defend and in the second to attack, with an open grave. In both styles of basketball, Quesos El Pastor was superior although they went into halftime with a meager 45-39. In that scoring set, players such as Perisa, Okonkwo, Salas and the newcomer Annamaria stood out, who had an outstanding duel to take in Zamora for a couple of days.

There were doubts about whether Clarinos would appear in the second half against a CD Zamarat that was giving the best version of the season. But the Tenerife women, despite their impossible triples at key moments, had no options. Quesos El Pastor continued in an overwhelming mode and passed the roller, scoring points from all positions, but standing out above all in its rapid mobility in the movement of the ball that allowed it to generate very free open throws that ended in baskets.

The third quarter ended with 69-60, with good feelings for CD Zamarat, but with the logical respect for a possible visitor reaction. But the Zamoranas continued to press, without conceding a meter in defense to Clarinos, who was suffocated, and giving an offensive recital to continue expanding the advantage and reach an incredible 99-84 that returns the illusion and hope to the bosom of the orange family.

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