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Disney is stepping on the accelerator of news on its streaming platform, mainly with new series and movie premieres, such as the acclaimed Scarlet Witch and Vision (Wandavision by its original name), although it is also preparing the launch of STAR, its channel specific within the platform in which series of another type will enter.

Yes indeed, The arrival of Disney STAR on February 23 is accompanied by a price increase: the monthly subscription will go to 8.99 euros per month or 89.99 euros per year, something more than now. Of course, as this rise will not come into effect until Tuesday, you can take advantage of Sign up until the 22nd, taking advantage of the current price of 69.99 euros per year.

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If you are already a user of this platform, you have to worry a little less, since Disney has announced that the price change will take effect on the monthly or annual renewal date after August 22, 2021, so for now there are no problems .

It should be noted that even with the announced price hike, Disney + will continue to lag far behind other platforms in terms of price, especially with the progressive rise in price of Netflix, which is already unmarked as one of the most expensive in the sector.

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A catalog that grows and grows

In addition, little by little there are new developments in the Marvel cinematic universe and also in the Star Wars franchise, which will go far beyond the well-known films and The Mandalorian, with several new productions already in production, such as the highly anticipated Obi Wan series.

Another good news is that all the conditions of use of the platform are maintained, including simultaneous playback on up to four different devices, with the option to add a total of seven users or profiles to your app.

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