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November 20, 2020, 1:51 pm

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Black Friday is casting its shadow and gamers can already look forward to interesting offers. In the Playstation Store, Sony has reduced the price for hundreds of games. We’ll show you some of the most interesting deals!

The Playstation 5 (here in the test) once again paralyzed numerous online shops on release day and many fans should have looked into the tube again. The lucky few PS5 buyers are now looking for the right games. Black Friday comes at exactly the right time in the Playstation Store. But Sony has also put together some interesting offers for PS4 users for Black Friday so that they can take full advantage of the console again.

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Given Hundreds of reduced titles However, the overview can quickly be lost. We have therefore selected five games that are definitely worth a look.

Reduced games for PS4 and PS5 for Black Friday

The Last of Us Part II: A full seven years have passed since Naughty Dog’s studio landed a huge hit with “The Last of Us” that left fans all over the world longingly waiting for a successor. This year the time had finally come and in 2020 the mix of third-person action and survival horror was again a success. In the second part of the game series, the player controls the main character Ellie again through a post-apocalyptic variant of the USA. Fans of the series can look forward to a mix of action, tension and emotional depth. The PS4 title can also be played on the new Playstation 5.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time: The bag badgers are returning to the PS4 for another fun and action-packed platformer. After all, it was about time, as the title of the game says. The game was only released in October 2020, so the reduced price should be interesting for many Playstation users now. If you buy Crash Bandicoot now for the PS4, you can later play the game on the Playstation 5 – at least if you manage to buy one.

Playstation 5 games: launch title and game highlights for 2020 and 2021

Ghost of Tsushima: When samurai warriors become the lonely hero of a whole people – no less than that promises the plot of “Ghost of Tsushima”. If you want to use the game online to compete against other users, you need a Playstation Plus subscription. The game wasn’t released until July and is now available for a discounted price. A free upgrade to the PS5 version is also possible.

Ghost of Tsusihma im Sale (Quelle: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Star Wars: Squadrons: In single player mode or online with up to ten players (PS Plus required), this Star Wars game takes you right behind the cockpit of one of the legendary spaceships from the Star Wars saga. “Squadrons” is particularly interesting for players who have VR equipment for their Playstation. Like all PS4 titles listed here, the game can also be used on the Playstation 5.

Watch Dogs: Legion: “Legion” is already the third part of the popular Watch Dogs series and sends the player on an open world adventure with lots of action and tricky tasks. It also covers current topics such as AI, cryptocurrency and cybercrime, with the thrill being the top priority. If you buy the PS4 version, you can upgrade it to the PS5 version later.

Membership for Playstation Now also reduced

As part of its Black Friday sale, Sony has also reduced membership for its much-discussed Playstation Now program. For example, three months subscription costs currently 19.99 euros.

More about Black Friday can be found here:

Nothing suitable? These game highlights should appear for the PS5 in the next few years:

With Horizon Forbidden West, Sony promises an epic action RPG adventure. (Source: Playstation / Sony)

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