Democratic governor candidate Andrew Gillum withdrew his concession after Florida's Secretary of State had officially ordered a recount in the US Senate and governorships. Secretary Ken Detzner issued the order on Saturday after the unofficial results in both races fell within the margin that, according to the law, triggers a recount. The unofficial results show that the Republican former US Rep. Ron DeSantis led the Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum by 0.4 percentage points. In the senate race, the Republican Government Rick Scott leads the established Bill Nelson by 0.15 percentage points. Detzner also ordered a recount for Florida's commissioner for agricultural commissioners, where Democratic Nikki Fried stands at 0.06 percentage points above Republican Matt Caldwell. All three races will recalculate the machine with results that should be at the Florida Department of State by 15.00 on November 15 at the latest.

Unofficial results show that Republican ex-representative Ron DeSantis led Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum with less than 0.5 percentage points

Minister Ken Detzner ordered a recount on Saturday for the senate, governor and agricultural commissioner competitions in Florida. Republican Government Rick Scott & # 39; s (left) leads over Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson (right) is less than 0.25 percentage points

The Florida State Secretary orders counts in the US senate and governor races. Susan Bucher, second right, Palm Beach County, supervisor of elections and judge August Bonavita, sits in the middle left, looks at provisional ballots in Riviera Beach, Fla., Friday. If the mood is too close to call again by falling within a margin of 0.25 or less, the three races continue to manual recounts, which should be ready by November 18th. The 67 provinces of the state had until the afternoon of Saturday afternoon to submit their unofficial ballot. President Donald Trump – who campaigned for both Scott and DeSantis – said that the counts are a democraire trick to steal the election. & # 39; Try to steal two big elections in Florida! We keep a close eye on it! & # 39; Twitter, the president sat on Saturday. Scott called for his opponent DeSantis to refuse the recount. It is time for Senator Nelson to accept reality and save the state of Florida the time, costs and disagreement of a recount, & # 39; said Scott & # 39; s spokesman Chris Hartline. Nelson replied that he does not intend to fall back.

& # 39; Try to steal two big elections in Florida! We keep a close eye on it! & # 39; Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday & # 39; We are confident that the recount will be complete and fair and will continue to take action to ensure that every vote is counted without interference or attempts to undermine the democratic process. We believe that when every legitimate vote is counted, we will win this election, & Nelson said in a statement. All this time demonstrators protested outside the offices of the Broward County Supervisor of Elections at Lauderhill on Saturday, where the latest counts were made before noon. The announcement of the recount was made after Broward County election observers said they did not see evidence of criminal activity during Tuesday's interim elections, despite the province being led by a controversial supervisor who mixed illegal voices and did not reveal the number of non-counted votes . & # 39; has not seen evidence of criminal activity at this time, "said Sarah Revell, spokesperson for the US Department of Elections, against the Miami Herald on Saturday morning. After Tuesday's election, Rick Scott filed a lawsuit against Broward County and Palm Beach County, accusing Democrats of trying to steal the election on Thursday night. He asked Snipes to convert several records that describe the counting and collection of ballots. Snipes has been accused of fraud & # 39; in the manner in which she dealt with the counting of the votes in the election by Scott, President Donald Trump and the Republicans. She has a long history of controversies when it comes to counting votes.

The news comes that Florida election observers in Broward County said they did not see evidence of criminal activity during Tuesday's interim elections. The Supervisor of Elections of the province is Dr. Brenda Snipes, pictured above, has been accused of fraud & # 39; by Trump, Republicans and Rick Scott

Lawyer Eugene Pettis (left) and Dottie Joseph (right), both of the Supervisor's office of Broward County have announced Saturday that all the votes of the county have been counted

A crowd is protesting Friday outside the Broward County Supervisor or Elections office

Demonstrators sang & # 39; Lock her up! & # 39; And & # 39; Sneaky Snipes must go! & # 39; Outside of the Broward County Election Office in Lauderhill, Florida

The demonstrators targeted Snipes who was accused of fraud & # 39; in the manner in which she had processed the counting of the votes in the election by Scott, President Donald Trump and the Republicans.

Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, tweeted a shot with boxes that reportedly did not have as many votes in Broward – nearly 48 hours since the polls were closed. The photo raises doubts about how accurately Broward County dealt with the election. She agreed to submit 205 preliminary ballot papers to the inspection commission of Broward County for inspection, and the council stated on Friday that 20 of the 205 preliminary ballot papers were illegal due to misidentification. They were put aside and then counted in a voting machine, but the results were not added to the final total count of the election. Friday the county did not know how to proceed with the invalid ballots. & # 39; We have not found a clear authority that controls the situation of the board & # 39 ;, said Broward County Attorney Andrew Meyers. Broward County collected more than 600 provisional votes on the election day, but the majority was considered invalid by the board for reasons such as late registration or voting in the wrong district. Since the election two sections of Elections have been stationed in Broward County to monitor election management, visit polling stations and & ensure that all laws are being adhered to & # 39 ;. In May, the Secretary of State for Florida announced more oversight after a court ruled that Broward Supervisor of elections Brenda Snipes broke the law by authorizing the premature cancellation of ballots regarding a disputed race after the 2016 election. Broward officially returned to allegations of fraud in a press conference after the ballot, Snipes refused to confirm whether she had counted all the ballots for days. At the press conference, her team said that every vote was eventually processed, with the exception of foreign ballots. & # 39; There is fraud. These are serious accusations to offer recklessly. To be able to file a claim of fraud without any proof, I find it unacceptable & # 39 ;, said Eugene Pettis, a lawyer of Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes.


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