Oh, ‘Black’ Navidad

This year, the Black Friday it has been more advanced than ever. And since last Monday, Nov. 16, many businesses have hung the sign of “Special discounts, sales, ‘mid season” or, directly, “Black Friday”. And it is no longer a matter of large businesses, the Pamplona merchants associations, and even businesses in the region and other Navarran towns, have joined the campaign of massive discounts imported directly from United States.

The Black Friday has a few years of tradition in Spain, but it has become so popular that a large part of the sales of home appliances, Computer equipment Y fashion focus on this day, which this year is the November 27, but eleven days before it has already come into our lives.

Stores were beginning to point to the Christmas campaign as a balm for their battered accounts after months of drastic drops due to the pandemic. But a preview of the sales, taking advantage el Black Friday, represents an opportunity to recover the boxes from the shops. And beware, it is also a good occasion for those looking to buy Christmas gifts at lower prices, because in many homes the budget will be tighter this year.

Given the large number of offers that are presented, from Vanity Capital, supported by comprarmejores.esWe’ve put together a list for you to keep track of the newest models of the best-selling products. So take note, because here is a list of the 10 products that are going to be a star this Christmas and that you can buy in full Black Friday:

  1. Fashion: In this section, you can always hit a good scarf or a practical handbag. And if you want to think a little more about yourself, sign up and buy the coat of the season, which you already have on sale at most Spanish brands such as Adolfo Domínguez, Massimo Dutti, Zara …
  2. Electric scooters: It’s about a must of gifts and, for a long time, it has ceased to be a toy to become a great means of transport for the city. Today the Xiaomi Mi Scooter It is the undisputed king of the category.
  3. Activity wristbands or watches: They have become fashionable and are a great complement to sports. The latest model of Apple Watch o la Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5They are the example of the most persecuted, at the antipodes of price each. By the way, the Garmin 735XT Forerunner is the GPS watch most demanded by runners at the moment in the case of a watch with a more than optimal quality-price.
  4. Smartphones: It is the gift that is always on the rise and more so at this time with the arrival of new technology and new networks such as 5G, because consumers increasingly demand more advanced terminals to be up-to-date … It is planned that, this Christmas, the gift star be the iPhone 12.
  5. Smart speakers: What once seemed like science fiction, today is a reality, talking to a speaker and having it set the heating, set an alarm or turn on the lights, among other things. Although you do not have a home automation installation, you can take advantage of them a lot, even being fun.
  6. Wireless headphones: They recently lived their boom and they were one of the most gifted products, but again they are back in fashion with AirPods de Apple. Outside of this brand, there are endless alternatives.
  7. Kitchen robot: It is one of the most expensive items on this list but your investment in it is well worth it, since with a single device the possibilities of making new recipes and much easier are triggered. Thermomix and now the Monsier Kitchen they are waiting for you.
  8. Oil-free fryers: They are able to fry with a minimum amount of oil, substantially reducing the calories in food. A data: 100 gr of homemade chips can be above 300 kcal, while in an oil-free fryer they will barely reach 88 kcal. The Princess AeroFryer XXL It is the most popular option at the moment due to its large capacity and perfect operation.
  9. Cordless vacuum cleaners: They are the revolution in home appliances because they are very handy and with practically the same power as bag vacuum cleaners. They are ideal for floors where the surface to be vacuumed is not too large. Highly recommended Dyson V11 Absolute, although not suitable for all pockets is the standard in this type of household appliances.
  10. Hair straighteners: A classic. The most popular iron is GHD, but in recent times, the Remington Kerating Therapy Pro, with much less cost and totally satisfactory results, it is an ideal purchase option. If the pocket worries you less, Dyson has released its own model of hair straighteners.

And three last recommendations: get out of the house, walk around your neighborhood and find the perfect gift among your local commerce or the wholesaler you like best. But above all, use the mask and hydroalcoholic gel. As he remembers Government of Navarra, do not forget to be responsible and keep the appropriate distances, because we continue in times of Covid.

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