Omany Positivo, a story of overcoming, music and hope

Osmany Pérez Paulino, better known as Omany Positivo, began his musical career in Puerto Rico in 1998, being one of the pioneers of the urban genre and participating in important productions of the industry, which at that time was just taking its first steps.

From La Isla del Encanto between 1998 and 2001, he achieved great relevance and participated in important productions that at that time set a pattern, such as: “The White”, “Project X”, “Cosa Nostra”, “Perreo”, ” Royal family ”, among many others.

But also like many others who try at an early age a previously unexplored world based on attention, he fell into drugs, gradually losing much of his job and going off the right track altogether.

Omany, although he continued proposing music and creating from his hometown “Los Mina”, reached the point of living on the street and sleeping in cemeteries affected by this horrible disease.

It took him years to find himself again and with his true music, which today, more than 10 years after having given up drugs and having found a faith that supports him “one day at a time”, he proposes again determined to leave a mark, even beyond her, encouraging others through her life story.

“Sometimes it takes losing everything to find yourself, and that was exactly my case. And I am grateful to have a new opportunity, not everyone can say the same, so I know I am very lucky, “said the urban.

He added: “I came to create again, from scratch, with all the momentum as the first day, but this time aware that my job is not only to make music, it is also not to stop telling what I experienced so that even if it is a person that he listens to me, he can say “enough” to drug use, and get ahead.

Indicates a press release that the artist is currently promoting their songs “I want them away” “Clac Clac” and “Relax” For this reason, he has participated in interviews and presentations on important TV programs such as De Extremo a Extremo, Pégate y Gana con el pacha and El Mañanero, where he has had the opportunity to detail the events experienced in the past, impacting thousands of people with his testimony.

In his social networks he appears as @OmanyPositivo.


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