OMG! Tom Holland talks about his TERRIBLE audition for ‘Star Wars’

Many celebrities always talk about their successes and achievements, but this time Tom Holland He decided to reveal a not-so-sweet moment in his career … although now he sees it in a calmer and even fun way: Tom Holland talks about his TERRIBLE audition experience for ‘Star Wars’, when he participated for the character of Finn, one of the protagonists in the new ‘Star Wars’ films, and that (of course) he did not win.

In a very personal interview with the site, Tom Holland put a very interesting twist on the issue of missing an opportunity: the way in which they lost papers to John Boyega and Ansel Elgort they made him, in fact, a better actor.

Before Tom Holland became the great hero Spider-Man, Tom Holland he saw himself in other types of roles, one of them in ‘Star Wars’, for which he auditioned for the character of Finn … however, Tom Holland confesses that said audition was a resounding disaster. ‘I remember my audition for Star Wars. I was in like four or five auditions, and I think I was auditioning for the role of John Boyega (Finn). I remember doing this scene with a girl, God bless her, and she was a drone. So I was doing all of this, like, We have to get back to the ship! and she said, Bip, bloop bloop, bip bloop’, Holland He confesses that in the audition it was IMPOSSIBLE for him to stop laughing because the context was very strange, but just not being able to get into character for an audition, he resulted in not keeping the role.

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