On the Bacurato dam, the price of corn, and Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce, the news this afternoon

Monday afternoon summary: Pantheon emerges due to drought in Bacurato dam, they denounce that workers of the Mazatlán City Council are forced to support a candidate and announce their divorce Bill and Melinda Gates.

Pantheon emerges due to drought in Bacurato dam

The remains of a pantheon that had been buried by the waters of the Bacurato dam emerged due to drought.

Sinaloa is experiencing one of its worst droughts in the last decade and the dams find themselves with very small amounts of water.

Complaint that City Council workers are forced to support ‘El Químico’

The Procurator Trustee of Mazatlán revealed that several City Council workers have approached to denounce that they are forced to support the Mayor with a license in his attempt to be reelected.

Elsa Bojórquez Mascareño explained that she will channel the complaints to the Control Body and the electoral authorities.

The price of corn rises on the Chicago Stock Exchange

The price of a ton of corn continues to rise on the Chicago Stock Exchange, the benchmark for setting the price of grain.

The fluctuation in the price of one of the most important agricultural products in Sinaloa continues to increase.

Bill and Melinda Gates divorce

One of the most famous millionaire couples, Bill and Melinda Gates, will end their marriage forever.

The owners of Microsoft announced that they will divorce, although they assure that they will continue working on their foundation.

The Liga MX de futbol announces the schedules and the headquarters of the playoffs

Teams like Tigres, Chivas, Atlas and Pachuca, will meet this Saturday to define the playoffs for First Division soccer.

Santos, Querétaro, Toluca and León will be the other clubs that will try to win the game that can take them to the league.

UAS Elections: Free Her or Handcuff Her?

Alejandro Sicairos wonders if the Autonomous University of Sinaloa can choose its next Rector without the interference of party politics.

He reveals that Santiago Inzunza Cázares will try to become Rector and reveals his time at the academy.


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