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With a team that barely exceeds the $ 2.6 million barrier, it offers the best chipset on the market, a screen with the highest refresh rate available in the mobile offering, unprecedented cameras and an all-day battery (and more ) ultrafast loading. Strong blow to the high end.

Xiaomi had already been anticipating a strong movement, which already occupies the third market position in the world and in Colombia it is second, with a three-digit growth between one year and another. Thus, it was foreseeable that it would increase its market bets, especially in the high-end segment, where it has ground to cut.

Thus, Xiaomi raises its stakes for the launch in Colombia of the Mi 10T Pro, the brand’s flagship, which promises to give power and creativity to its users in all aspects of their personal and professional lives with a user experience to the highest level in aesthetics, efficiency, innovation and distinction at a highly competitive price.

The team stands out for its Snapdragon ™ 865 processor from Qualcomm®, which offers extreme energy efficiency, first-rate power and 5G connectivity; a spectacular screen with AdaptiveSync technology with intelligent update that refreshes at a variable rate of up to 144Hz; a 5,000 mAh battery optimized to the limit of possibilities, and three cameras with up to 108 MP, which stands out for its complementary functions and until now unpublished in the category.

The Mi 10T Pro will be available in Colombia from next week at a base price of $ 2,699,000 in operator stores, online stores and key points of sale.

Follow Xiaomi’s legacy in defining the ultra-high-resolution category

There is no denying the pivotal role that Xiaomi has in defining the 108MP camera segment, from the debut it led for the first 108MP camera on smartphones, to the introduction of countless photography software innovations just in the latest. year.

For this the Mi 10T Pro continues the brand’s legacy of ultra high resolution with OIS and 8K video support. In addition, it offers a triple camera setup with a 13MP ultra-wide camera and a 5MP macro camera, which allow you to capture all the moments you want to remember. It also integrates a 20MP front camera, with which anyone can see themselves better either by taking a selfie or making a video call to a loved one.

Beyond the above, the Mi 10T Pro flaunts new and dynamic photography software features. Six independent long exposure modes allow anyone to capture artistic photos, from a moving crowd that focuses on an idle subject while blurring a dynamic environment, to star trails, which creates a rotating starry sky effect.

Photo Clones captures the same person up to four times in one shot. Additionally, the timed burst feature offers endless fun opportunities, allowing users to set photos with a time interval that can also be converted to video, while three new photo filters (Cyberpunk, Gold vibes, and Black ice) They help bring the desired mood to life.

Pushing the limits even further, Mi 10T Pro also offers attractive new video features. Video Clones captures “two beings” in one video, while Dual Video can record from the device’s front and rear cameras simultaneously, making it ideal for capturing surprise reactions. Finally, time lapse selfie video allows users to create fast forward effect for more engaging vlogs.

In conclusion, Mi 10T Pro will give you an unprecedented photography experience with the most diverse functions, so that you can enjoy the power of creativity.

144 Hz AdaptiveSync TrueColor display

Mi 10T Pro boasts one of the best flat-panel displays available on any smartphone today, with an industry-leading 144Hz refresh rate. While high refresh rate displays are often the victims of high power consumption and inconsistent frame rates, Xiaomi’s AdaptiveSync display automatically matches the frame rate of content, to enjoy from the best movies at 48Hz to watching TV series at 50Hz, and from streaming transmissions at 30Hz or 60Hz to scrolling content on social networks or online games up to 144Hz (ensuring a smooth experience and optimal battery use). And with Motion Estimation – Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology this device inserts more frames to make video smoother and better.

With a P3 and TrueColor color gamut, the display offers an extremely wide gamut and accurate colors. The 3.0 reading mode simulates a paper texture that protects the eyes, while the Sunlight 3.0 display automatically enhances contrast and adjusts dynamic color saturation outdoors. With a built-in 360 ° ambient light sensor, the display can intelligently adjust the brightness, even in backlight conditions.

Power assured with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

Anchored by the flagship Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 865, Mi 10T Pro offers extreme energy efficiency, performance and 5G connectivity. Xiaomi included a wide range of 5G bands, ensuring compatibility with more networks in more locations than before.

Users will also enjoy a great experience of gaming thanks to the Qualcomm® Adreno ™ 650 GPU. Along with UFS3.1 and LPDDR5, the device offers the industry-leading ROM and RAM for smartphones available today.

5,000 mAh battery with additional functions

Mi 10T Pro has one of the largest batteries of the flagships in our smartphone market: a large capacity battery of 5,000 mAh (typ). With built-in power optimization technology, this smartphone releases more power for longer battery life.

The device is also equipped with MMT technology (Middle Middle Tab) and an exceptionally fast and uniquely designed 33W corded charging process. My 10T Pro comes with the included 33W charger.

Unbeatable high-end experience within the reach of many: availability and prices

Beauty, speed, camera, distinction … all at a new level of experience is the promise of Xiaomi’s most important launch in Colombia to date: the Mi 10T Pro.

And that’s just the beginning: stereo sound, utilities to boost creativity and productivity in one piece of equipment, sleek design, cutting-edge materials, included antibacterial sleeve, and much, much more to make a difference. enduring in the high range with a remarkably competitive price.

Mi 10T Pro will be available from the fourth week of November in the main digital channels and department stores in the market, as well as in the official stores of the brand – Mi Stores.

So that you know more a little video:

Again its surprising cost benefit rate:

8GB + 256GB = $2.699.000

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