ONE adds two direct services to the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey

January 11, 2021

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The shipping company Ocean Network Express (ONE) announced the creation of two new direct services, which will connect Northern Europe with the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey for the first time.

The routes will be named North Europe East Mediterranean Express (NEX) and North Europe Turkey Express (NTX). These will carry out stopovers at the transshipment centers in Morocco and Spain, Tangier and Algeciras, connecting cargo with other world destinations through ONE’s global network.

The NEX service path will be: Southampton – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Antwerp – Le Havre – Tangier – Malta – Alexandria (Dekheila) – Damietta – Beirut – Mersin – Iskenderun – Algeciras – Southampton.

The NTX tour, on the other hand, will comprise: Southampton – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Antwerp – Malta – Gebze – Istanbul (Ambarli) – Gemlik – Aliaga – Tangier – Southampton.

Source: PortalPortuario

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