One in Turkey and one in Singapore, they are divorced online in Edomex

Toluca, Mexico. October 11, 2020

Two spouses –one based in Istanbul, Turkey, and one in Singapore– were divorced by teleconference by the head of the Online Family Court, Luisa Isabel Morales Reynoso, as reported in a statement issued by the Judicial Power of the State of Mexico.

This marriage dissolution, by mutual consent and at a distance, was carried out in this way because the last domicile, in which the couple lived together, is located in the territory of the State of Mexico.

Each of the participants with its Judicial Electronic Signature FeJEM, mentions the bulletin, It was linked from the country in which it resides and 16 thousand kilometers from the court the final sentence for separation was issued.

The agreement established what was related to custody and custody, as well as the cohabitation regime of the child of both, the maintenance obligation was established through an international payment receipt.

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