One of the protesters in Barcelona becomes a meme after crashing into glass

The imprisonment rapper Pablo Hasél has gathered thousands of protesters in different parts of our country, who demand the release of the young man, accused of insults to the Crown. Barcelona It is one of the points where the situation is most tense, and they have already been protesting for more than a week in important enclaves of the city. The situation is getting more violent at times, and the protests have led to vandalism; Just last weekend, eight people were arrested for shoplifting and public disorder. Because there are those who take advantage of the large crowds to make their own, and different episodes of vandalism against urban furniture or against shops in which some take advantage of it to steal and destroy what they find.

Now, not all recordings or vandals in question are the same; there is one in particular that is causing more laughs than anything else. This is a video that has become viral, which shows the clumsiness of one of these vandals, who try to rob the Nike store of the city of Barcelona and, perhaps moved by the euphoria of his act, he does not realize that he is about to enter the shop through the shop window, hitting the glass and bouncing to the ground. As expected, such perfect acting have turned him into a meme, with which users of social networks have done what they do best: give a touch of humor To the subject.


Deserved? Divine justice? Be that as it may, if what this man wanted was to become a protagonist, he has achieved it. Now as authentic hero of all this history there is only one: the person in charge of thoroughly cleaning the windows of the local, which has certainly done its job very well.

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