One in five wounded in the Arndale Center Stroke is a teenager from Northern Ireland who comes to Manchester with friends.

The 19-year-old will be treated for stabbing after the attack this morning, BelfastLive reports.

Your injuries are not life threatening.

A friend of the girl wrote on Facebook: "We just wanted to spend a girl's weekend in Manchester, but instead, the first mall we enter enters.

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"We are all so shaken and can not understand for the life of us how someone could be so low to do that.

"I can not get that man's face and knife out of my head and probably will not do it for a very long time."

The young woman said her buddy was on the mend and she thanked everyone for their support. We have not left her side and hopefully we should be home in the next few days after the interview, when everyone asks.

Forensic scientist on site

She added, "Thank you for the support we all appreciate."

The victim is believed to have suffered stab wounds and cuts on the hand, and was taken to the Royal Infirmary in Manchester for examination and treatment.

A source said, "It appears that she was injured when she raised her hands in a defensive motion as this man approached, she was injured, but her injuries are not life threatening.

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Manchester Arndale stabs

"A woman in her forties also suffered similar injuries, and a third wife was also injured.

"A man in his fifties suffered back and side stab wounds and had to be treated in emergencies, and it is believed that none of the knife wounds suffered are life threatening."

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Three women and one man were hospitalized with injuries following the attack, while a fifth later reported an injury.

A 41-year-old man was arrested shortly after 11 o'clock by the police for suspected terrorism after the incident.