Online court of the judiciary hears divorce in Turkey and Singapore

Supported by technology, the head of the Online Family Court, Luisa Isabel Morales Reynoso resolved the legal situation of two spouses who requested the dissolution of the marriage bond, one of them resides in Istanbul, Turkey, and the other in the Republic of Singapore. However, the last domicile in which they lived together, was in Mexiquense territory.

In order to respond to citizens who have married in the national territory and who live in different countries for personal or work reasons, the Judicial Power of the State of Mexico, through legal and technological tools, dissolved the marriage bond by mutual consent. from distance.

The Judge declared herself competent to hear this request, indicating the day and time to hold the settlement Board via teleconference; in which each one of the participants with their FeJEM Judicial Electronic Signature, was linked from the country in which they reside respectively and 16 thousand kilometers from the court.

In less than five business days and by video call the settlement meeting was held, in which by law, the judge exhorted the former couple to a final reflection on the dissolution of the marriage bond. And the final sentence was passed, which legally separates them.

Each of the parties, distanced from each other, by more than 8 thousand kilometers of sea and land, ratified the agreement, which was analyzed by the head of the court, safeguarding at all times the rights of the minor child, being duly established Regarding custody and custody, coexistence regime (which will be carried out through the technological mechanisms that the parents themselves established).

In the same way, the maintenance obligation was duly guaranteed through an international payment receipt, complying with the requirements established by the procedural legislation of our entity, a final judgment was issued in which the marriage bond was dissolved. The Judicial Power thus responds to its commitment to the public to comply with a prompt and expeditious Justice.

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