Only Barcelona have more fun than Celta in LaLiga

Except for exceptions, such as the infumable duel with Valladolid just over a month ago, entertainment is guaranteed at Celta matches. This perception shared by the regular spectators of the matches disputed by the pupils of Eduardo Coudet confirmed by ranking produced by the Latin American television channel of American origin ESPN. In this funny team ranking, the Vigo painting occupies the second position in LaLiga and 19th among the 98 teams of the five major European leagues.

Bill Connelly, the author of this ‘report’, has applied statistical and subjective criteria to translate fun into data. The aspects that score are the shots and goals, quality, pressure and intensity, verticality, changes of orientation and passes, tension and entertaining important matches.

The sum of all these issues gives Celta a score 8.3 out of 10, Meanwhile he Barcelona, first representative of LaLiga and third in the European table, gets a 9.6, behind the Bayern Munich (9.8) and Atalanta (9,7). The ‘Champion places’ of the Spanish championship are completed by the Real Madrid and Real Sociedad, both with a 7,9. On the contrary, the Cádiz appears in position 98 with a 0,4 As the most boring team in the continental elite.

It is striking to see Coudet’s pupils located above giants like the Manchester City (8.1) by Pep Guardiola or the Juventus by Cristiano Ronaldo (7,9). In the Celta analysis, the fact that it is the team that allows the least passes thanks to defensive actions. The author of this ranking also highlights that the Celts attempt a good number of direct passes and when they play against good teams, they do not change anything they do. For all this, Connelly considers the team led by Iago Aspas “Great for viewers.”

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