Open-air museum is working on LEGO® exhibition despite closure – better-in-view

Ehestorf. The Open-air museum on the Kiekeberg in Ehestorf continues to work behind closed doors on the new one Special exhibition “Marvel at building blocks. LEGO® architecture “: Members of the Stein Hanse eV build twelve themed worlds on 230 square meters, including many of their own creations and structures from the 1960s to 80s. After the museum has reopened, the exhibition will run until February 28, 2021. The visit will take place under the approved distance and hygiene rules; visitors throughout the museum must wear a mouth and nose cover. Admission for adults costs 9 euros and is free for visitors under the age of 18.

“An empty museum is not nice, but our work continues: We are currently building our new special exhibition ‘Building blocks are amazed. LEGO® Architecture ‘. With 400,000 LEGO bricks we show 60 years of gaming experience from three generations “, explained Museum director Stefan Zimmermann. Curator Chris Stölting added: “Half was built into the large Elbphilharmonie and Michel mosaics, the rest in the twelve themed worlds. The models are about films like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, about architecture like the art college, the Capitol and a LEGO city, as well as detailed vehicles. Bernd Timm built the ‘Die Kunsthochschule’ model with 40,000 stones over a period of three months. ‘The US Capitol’ comprised 400 hours of planning and construction by Peter Ragosch. Julia Quast spent two weeks building the ‘Fabuland’ flea market find with her family, a LEGO series from 1979 to 1989. A lot of heart and soul has gone into it. “ The special exhibition also provides information about the company’s history and the development of building blocks, about sustainable material concepts and criticism of the toy manufacturer.

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In November Stein set up Hanse co-founder Martin Horn The last stones in the exhibition and is happy about the scenery that his club colleagues have built: “You can build anything with LEGO. We also tell visitors the stories about our models. We are happy when one or the other finds inspiration for their own building and continues the play culture. “ For Martin Horn, his hobby means relaxing, being creative and experiencing positive things in community. Like many, he knows LEGO from his childhood and later devoted himself to the topic with his own children. “After going to the cinema with my son, we decided to build ‘Lummerland’. We have been building mountains and houses on the island for two years, we received a photo template from the production company. When it’s done I’ll keep it “says Martin Horn proudly.

The Stein Hanse eV was officially founded in 2018 and currently has 350 members. The club members call themselves „Adult Fans of LEGO“ (AFOLs); There are women and men in the club between the ages of 2 and 86, and the children are often there. Martin Horn reports: “We meet regularly to exchange ideas or for building competitions – currently on youtube, so that we can show our models to ourselves and others. Everyone builds differently: many free from their heads, others based on a picture template or on the computer with a blueprint – that is, a program calculates the parts list that will be used to build with real stones. The biggest challenge is the lack of stones – there are never enough “laughs Martin Horn.

The special exhibition “Building blocks are amazed. LEGO® Architecture “complements the Kiekeberg permanent exhibition” Play Worlds “, which can be seen next door. As the only exhibition in Germany, “Spielwelten” focuses on the rapid development of toy culture from 1950 to 1980. More than 2,000 exhibits, numerous interactive offers and media stations invite visitors on 650 square meters to travel back in time to childhood .

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Accompanying program
December 5th / 6th, 2020 Guided tours of the Stein Hanse eV (subject to reopening)
16./17.1.2021 action day “stone on stone”


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