Most supermarkets have slightly reduced opening hours (photo: Getty)

This is the second weekend of May and many of us enjoy a three-day weekend.

However, the spring holiday may also mean a reduction in store hours, which means that you will need to stock up in advance if you are planning a barbecue or party.

Or maybe you just need to know if you have to buy extra bread or a pint of milk.

Anyway, we have broken down the opening hours of all your favorite supermarkets!

Opening hours for Morrisons

Most Morrisons stores have slightly reduced hours (Image: Getty Images)

Most Morrisons stores will be open on Mondays, between 8am and 7pm instead of 10pm.

Opening hours for Waitrose

Opening hours vary enormously from one store to another (photo: Getty Images)

Some Waitrose stores have slightly reduced their opening hours on public holidays, from 10:00 to 18:00 in some stores and from 8:00 to 20:00 in others.

Some department stores are absolutely not affected and open their doors from 7am to 22h.

As always, check out the Waitrose website to be on the safe side.

Opening hours for Asda

Many 24-hour Asda stores will close Monday (photo: Getty Images)

Most Asda agencies have slightly reduced hours for public holidays, although opening and closing times vary greatly from one store to another.

Some of their larger stores, which are normally open until 11am, will close at 8pm and many of their stores open 24 hours a day are not open either.

Check the Asda website for all hours of operation.

Opening hours for Iceland

Business is as usual in most Icelandic stores (photo: Getty Images)

Store opening hours in Iceland vary from branch to branch, but most do not appear to be affected by the holiday.

Again, go to the Iceland website to check the opening hours of your local agency.

What is the weather for public holiday?

Monday can be a deluge for many (Photo: Geoffrey Swaine / REX)

Unfortunately, the forecasts are a bit gloomy for most of the UK and rain is expected to hit the country on Monday.

According to the Met Office, despite the sunny start of the spring holiday, the temperature is expected to cool as the Atlantic air spreads across the UK.

They predict "frequent showers and violent thunderbolts sometimes, even though the weather will be drier and clearer in the south, with some thinnings."

Better to pack sunglasses AND an umbrella, then.

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