Opinion: How far can the success of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train go?

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Demon Slayer – The Movie: Mugen Train is the first feature film based on the successful anime series. His success so far has been groundbreaking and could go much further.

After the hugely successful anime series Demon Slayer, the recently released feature film Mugen Train also has an amazing kick-off event Broken box office records. Demon Slayer originally made its debut on the pages of Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine as a manga and was later adapted as an animated series. The new film ties in with the plot of the first season. Let’s look a little behind the scenes and examine how the anime is being marketed.

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train – Publishing is big business

One thing you have to consider first: Demon Slayer is carried by the animation, not the story. The director and animation studio did a great job. Someone who’s read the manga already knows what’s going to happen, so the movie may not be as fun as it would be if you hadn’t read the manga – but there are still a few changes.


Demon Slayer – The Movie: Mugen Train (2020) – Animated film: 147 minutes.

Released: October 31, 2020

Genre: Animation, action, story, adventure, fantasy

Voice actor: Hanae Natsuki, Akari Kito, Shimono Hiro, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Satoshi Hino

Team: Yuki Kajiura (Musik), Akira Matsushima (Charakterdesigner), Sotozaki Haruo (Regisseur), Gou Shiina (Musik), Manabu Kamino (Herausgeber), Yuuichi Terao (Kameramann)

How exactly do films make money?

Film budgets and costs In general, the big studios do not disclose the full budget for their films (production, development, marketing and advertising). This conundrum arises, in part, because a movie costs far more to make and market than most people expect. For example, the production budget for a summer blockbuster like “The Avengers” by Marvel is estimated at $ 220 million. When you factor in the marketing and advertising costs, the budget skyrockets. So there is no surefire way to make a profit on a movie because factors like brand awareness, P&A budgets, and the desires of a capricious audience come into play. Still, there are a few safe ways to make money from movies.
Income from tickets Typically, part of the movie ticket sales go to the establishment’s owners, while the studio and distributor get the rest of the money. Traditionally, a larger portion goes to the studio during the opening weekend of a film. Over the course of the weeks, the percentage of cinema operators increases. A studio can do around 60% of ticket sales for a film in its own country and around 20 to 40% of ticket sales abroad.
Foreign sales Independent filmmakers can make money when they have a good overseas sales agent who can sell their films in major overseas markets. Producers often create their “wish list” when casting a film, which is usually full of well-known names who also “travel” overseas. If they hire Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Cruise as an actor, the more likely they will find a partner willing to buy the rights in China and France.
TV rights and streaming Today, however, it is more about television rights and streaming. For some producers, the sale of television and streaming rights is a significant source of income as the producer does not have to pay for marketing and P&A costs. Films have to leave the cinema at some point, but they can remain as evergreen on television. Streaming is a new source of income for large film productions. Film studios can continue to make money from older films by selling the licenses to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The marketing

It all started with Star Wars. Since the George Lucas science fiction saga began in 1977, the franchise has made billions in revenue, not to mention the toys alone License income from other third-party companies. In 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens had retail sales of $ 700 million. Obviously, this strategy doesn’t work for every movie. For example, you don’t see many action figures from romantic comedies. The merchandising, however, is a cash cow for big budget movies that appeal to kids and comic book fans alike. For example, Disney’s “Toy Story” franchise grossed billions of euros in retail.

Opinion: How far can the success of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train go?

Opinion: How far can the success of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train go?

Opinion: How far can the success of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train go?Opinion: How far can the success of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train go?

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Similarly, anime items that generate high retail sales – especially while the movies are being released. For this reason, premieres are often shown shortly before the start of the Christmas season so that fans can be given franchise items as gifts.

An interesting example of this can be seen in Japan: On the morning program “GUTTO-LUCK!” Two families talked about how much money they had already spent on merchandising. One is said to have wasted over 30,000 yen on Demon Slayer items in one day, while the other family said they had spent over 50,000 yen on anime items in one day, which the Has brought toys in the nursery to a total value of 300,000 yen (about 2,500 euros). Parents just can’t stop buying new anime items.

This tendency towards parenting misfortune has been intensified during the last few times of crisis. The online marketing of Demon Slayer’s franchise items has only been booming.

Casino slot machines

With the advancement of slot machines, players can enjoy more themes, features, and genres. As slot machine developers become more adventurous with theme and design, and incorporate player interests into their products, there is one particular genre that we are seeing more and more of in the slot machine world – anime. The associated characters are now particularly popular with people who like to be in the Online casino for free play. You simply have fun with your favorite symbols on the reels for free before you wager real money.

Opinion: How far can the success of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train go?

Opinion: How far can the success of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train go?

Opinion: How far can the success of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train go?Opinion: How far can the success of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train go?

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Some of the best anime slot games are already one complete success in online casinos. While many of the animated series and films revolve around school children and minors, gambling is still an adult affair – and the stories behind it are often not intended for young audiences.

It is to be expected that the rights of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train will also be sold to a software manufacturer, which is a win-win situation for many parties. The manga producers, software makers, online casinos and ultimately slot fans will benefit from it! Many people enjoy the excitement of “winning big” from the comfort of their own home. These games help make you feel like you are in a real money casino with exciting slot machine games.

Anime-based video games

The line between video games and Japanese anime is thin, making it easy for the former to move on to the latter. Because of this, video games are a great source material for anime, as the medium can bring our favorite characters and stories to life without the budget constraints of live-action production. Not to mention, anime is often closer to a faithful adaptation than any other medium. With that in mind, here are five video game based animes that fans are sure to enjoy.


And how can you participate in the most popular character games such as League of Legends or Fortnite as a brand?

League of Legends has an official competitive structure where the main leagues take place in the main countries and regions:

  • China,
  • Brazil,
  • Europe,
  • North America
  • Latin America,
  • Korea and many others are all involved.

Last year’s World Cup featured an interesting mix of game brands and companies operating outside the expected League of Legends environment. In terms of company diversity, there’s no quota to meet, it’s more about who can help them improve the experience for the fans.

The goal of any partnership is to get that brand across to the audience. You can see that well-known companies like Alienware and Secretlab have such a deep understanding of the audience and community that they are incredibly capable and willing to do things for and with the fans that will go down well. The same goes for Mastercard and what they do for their community, as well as for Mercedes-Benz and Spotify.

Other examples:

  • Closed in May 2019 Nike signed a deal with Epic Games to release a Fortnite x Jumpman “Hang Time” package in-game. This included branded clothing as well as an exclusive game mode for players who bought the package. Two outfits were provided, both of which came with Air Jordan 1 sneakers.
  • Coca Cola sponsors the Overwatch League. In February 2019, Coca-Cola became the official soft drink sponsor of the Overwatch League. As part of the agreement, Coca-Cola receives exclusivity for all 20 OWL teams, the Open Division, the Overwatch Contenders League, the Overwatch World Cup, BlizzCon and collegial events. The contract will be valid for three years.
  • Red Bull opened its first Gaming Sphere event space in London in 2018 and recently expanded to a new venue in Nakano, Tokyo. Red Bull Gaming Sphere is a public sports studio designed as a social and community studio to help gamers improve their gaming skills. The brand regularly hosts gaming events, including #RedBullMondayNightStreaks.

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