HJK Helsinki coach Mika Lehkosuo highlighted the time of Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos in Finland.

Morelos has come under fire again this week after being dropped off against Aberdeen on Wednesday night. He was suspended for three games after the Rangers had not filed an appeal.

It is not the first time he has been suspended this season after losing to the Dundee and Dons in the Scottish League Cup final.

Many fans, however, feel wrongly treated by the media and game officials. Is he being carded for his reputation, not his actions?

Lehkosuo spoke openly about the time of Morelos in Finland and told the Sunday Post:

When Alfredo first came to us, he was only 19 years old. He needed lessons in food, sleep, recreation training, gym work and coaching with some training habits. But I do not remember fighting against opponents or referees.

At all times he did not try to take advice or listen to instructions. I really liked his attitude towards learning and I think he adapted very quickly to our environment.

He was very frustrated and sometimes lost focus. However, in Finland he did not have many cards from the game officials. Why does he have so many problems with the referees now? I'm afraid I do not know enough about the referees in Scotland to answer that.

There is no doubt that Morelos gets caught up in stupid situations, but how he's portrayed as a madman on the court is frankly out of place.

There are others in the Scottish upper class, including players like Ryan Jack and Scott McKenna, who also have numerous cancellations, and there's no public outcry and no scrutiny.

The media narratives are reflected in how the game officials perceive it and ultimately pour out punishment.

Can he play a bit wiser and steer his aggression more productively? Yes. Is he a serious liability? His 23 goals and 10 assists this season say no.