Opinion | Torrente killed Valentine. By Trini Guide. # OpinionMP

MURCIA. For those who thought they got rid of me, sorry, I’m back. Maybe they never realized that I left … Well, I didn’t leave either … Anyway, what better day to return than Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s day, love and friendship? Yuck! Forgive me, but I hear this cursilated and it makes me want to vomit. I do not want to offend those devotees of love, fans of balloons and heart-shaped cakes and size teddy bears Bigfoot (by the way, a bitch as well as a source of allergies), but for me love sank with the iceberg of Titanic.

You may wonder why I am so skeptical. I don’t know … it must be because I have not yet met any whore who marries a millionaire out of true love, and I have not met any potter whose late husband has appeared to make a jug on the wheel. Hollywood It has done a lot of harm to women… and the porn channel to men.

“What is love for you? For me love is the first wind”

Special mention deserves the delicate but brilliant strategist Daphne Bridgerton. You have to see how the very lizard at the end takes the duke to the garden, right? Oh mommy! What will the black have? Paraphrasing our spirited friend Georgie Dann. For those who have not seen The Bridgertons, do not worry: you do not miss anything … Now, everyone interested in the male gender, have to see that ebony god who embodies a noble, bad guy and punisher for whom, even knowing that you are breaking the heart, anyone would burn like a bonze to savor an ounce of that bar of pure chocolate. Go straight to chapter six.

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So, being today the day that it is, I think the following question is pertinent: What is love for you? For me love is the first wind. Yes Yes. Perhaps this seems very hard and eschatological, but when you overcome that moment is when you are sure that you are in love with your partner. Send WhatsApp at all hours of: I think of you, caramelito; go out to dinner every night and make love until dawn, that has no merit, so everyone is in love. I write this and it seems like a chimera. I don’t know which single person in the last year could have done any of the above. If it’s trying to get to Alicante and wham! caught red handed!

Allow me to dedicate a few words to this character who fills me with tenderness. I’m imagining that creature, watching the Civil Guard advance down the aisle of the bus, scared to death with no excuse other than wanting to have a fuck with his girlfriend. It is that at forty things get more difficult than at twenty and if you have to play it because you have a plan in Alicante, then do whatever it takes. Just for his sincerity and naivety he deserves all my respect.

Gentlemen, if you have found a person, either Omaita The Stream, that despite his oddities, his cable crossovers, his farts, his mother, his parties until dawn, the charges on the card, his figures of Star Wars, the shoemaker of Imelda Marcos, the children with their ex, their syndrome Diogenes and the records of Camela, stay with him Congratulations! They have found love! And I surrender at his feet for it. Do not hesitate and celebrate, not everyone has suffered the same fate. Happy Valentines Day.

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