OPPO presents its contactless wireless charging, Wireless Air Charging, showing it with its rollable device

This year there is a first MWC in Shanghai (waiting to see what will happen to the one in Barcelona, ​​which in principle still stands in person) and OPPO is one of the many manufacturers that will take advantage of it to show news. As promised a few days ago, today they have shown a new contactless wireless charging, unlike the one we have today.

It has been a short announcement in information, as this brand sometimes does with juicy news like this, but without a doubt it is something that many of us hope to see in our phones (and that we may call, internally, “true wireless charging”). In addition, they have not shown it with any mobile, but have taken advantage of the OPPO X 2021, its rollable device, to teach us its technology.

A load that allows the device to be used and moved

The brief sample has been given in su stand virtual with a short video in which we see the supposed benefits of this load. They have called her Wireless Air Charging and what they show is that it is a surface that provides load both by supporting the device and by moving it a few centimeters away from it.

We see that even if we lift the device, tilt it and move it away (up to what could be about 20 centimeters), it continues to charge. What we do not know is the charging speed or power, something that Xiaomi did reveal with Mi Air Charge, which in theory also allowed further distance from the charging surface.

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OPPO has not commented on details of availability either, so we are waiting for more details. What does seem clear is that, together with Xiaomi and Motorola, This manufacturer is clearly betting on wireless charging without contact or something less dependent on cables, as well as rollable devices.

The OPPO X 2021, by the way, we saw it work recently in a video, which together with today’s would indicate that what was a concept is on the way to being a product. We will see if it reaches the market and, above all, if this charging technology does so to other more standard mobile phones of the brand.

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